Live acts & Djs

Tsuyoshi Suzuki (鈴木 剛), Andy Guthrie, Nick Taylor
Melodic Goa Trance

rānā was a London based project founded in 1994 by Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Nick Taylor. They also used Taiyo alias at the same time and released their first album on Step 2 House Records under this name in 1994. This album was followed by several successful EPs released on Inter 1 Records and Tsuyoshi's own Matsuri Productions. Their second album Cyclone (and the first album released under Prānā's name) was released in 1996. It was actually a compilation of their best tracks produced between 1994 and 1996 where most of them were previously released. Their latest album Geomantik was released in 1997 and included 4 new tracks produced by Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Andy Guthrie, and 5 remixes by other artists and groups including well known Total Eclipse and Green Nuns Of The Revolution.
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