Live acts & Djs

Kristian Aro
Helsinki, Finland
Melodic Goa Trance

Nebula Meltdown has been involved with music nearly all his life. As a child, he listened to a lot of classical music and played
also the piano for several years. He got interested about electronic music when he was 12 years old, first listening to the
Prodigy and the likes of it, until he found out about goa- and psytrance in early 2000 after which there was no turning back.
Nebula started to spin the decks in 2002 and had his first psyparty gig in early 2003 at a finnish morning party. After that he
has arranged parties, been playing both live- and dj-gigs at a steady flow mostly in Finland but a few times abroad as well.
He has a large selection of oldschool goa-trance which is his biggest love midst the myriads of styles of electronic music and an
ever-growing selection of delicate UK psytrance. He will also play ambient/chill-out sets if needed and darkpsy sets occasionally
if in the mood for it. He has been composing many different styles of psychedelic trance, from morning goa to nightpsy and
UK-style full-on, ambient, chill-out and some hybrid tracks blending nightpsy madness and goa in the same soup, and even
something between full-on and suomisaundi, too. So, his live-sets can be a real rainbow of psychedelia.
With utter devotion to music in his life, he is constantly working and fine-tuning his music with careful precision.

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