Live acts & Djs

Michael M√ľnsterberg & Sandro Fortunati
Melodic Goa Trance

Oktoman & Schlafwandler

This dj-duo from Switzerland, loves to give you a journey through the history of Goa & Psychedelic trance music playing goa-trance tracks from the 90‘s until today! They look at the act of Dj-ing as a shamanic ritual and a powerful excange of energy!

Michael Münsterberg alias Oktoman and Sandro Fortunati as Schlafwandler startet to get in touch with electronic music & goa-trance in 1995. In 1999 Michael founded a organisation called Mansura prod. This was also the starting point of his career as a Dj. In 2003 the organisation splitted and he mostly stopped his work as Dj. In the year 2012 he restarted playing goa-trance, when he, and some likeminded people started the organisation „Green Spirit“. This organisation is specialised in events with modern and old school goa-trance with the right spirit!

Sandro Fortunati started to get into Psytrance in the year of 2000. The same as Michael he didn't do a lot between 2003 and 2012 and found together with Michael playing as Dj combo. Now, they are playing on every Green Spirit party, and of course, on future Suntrip events as well!!