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Jörg Schemczyk
Cologne, Germany
Melodic Goa Trance

InnerSpace (Jörg Schemczyk) is 34 years old, lives in Germany. He is a passionate DJ/sound designer and music producer.

InnerSpace can look back on 14 years of experience as a DJ (Vinyl, Compact Disc and all kind of modern media). He is also a producer of Goa-, TecTrance and Chillout-Music for many years.

InnerSpace always manages it to take the listener with him on a musical journey. No matter what musical direction, his Mixes are always characterized by a strong passion for music and prevail a very special atmosphere, best described with the words „Music ist the key to realize ourselves“.

From a young age (inspired by the roots of electronic music) InnerSpace began to use musical instruments as a creative tool. In addition to his skills as a producer, he also gained extensive experience in the art of recording and mastering. His recent debut album "InnerSpace" which focuses particularly on the deep sea, is nearing completion after several years of intense creative work.

The work of InnerSpace is based on the roots of classical Goatrance, thereby he increases the recognition factor of his own style in a very special way.

We can look forward to a very special journey into the depths of the sea and in ourselves.
"InnerSpace - The deep space in our seas."