Live acts & Djs

Jago Boermans
Antwerpen, Belgium
Melodic / Downtempo

Jago Boermans, an ambient & melodic goa-trance producer, started his Jagoa project in the beginning of 2012.
But of course, his musical roots go far back. After he was born in 1994, he grew up listening to reggae and rock music. At the age of 12, he discovered Goatrance music.
A few years later he went to his first Goa parties in Belgium. Inspired by this beautiful music, the laughter and the kicking vibes in this scene, he wanted to create his own music. His dream is to give people the same feelings he got (and still gets) while listening to this oh-so-wonderful music.
His breakthrough happened in 2014, when he released 2 ambient tracks on the Ten Spins around the sun compilation on Suntrip. Now, more ambient and goa releases are in the pipeline! In Belgium he also plays regularely on parties. Both up & downtempo, or even both combined to start a party! Make sure to follow him, because he has a bright future ahead!
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