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Global Sect Music is finally releasing the long awaited debut album 'Dance of Distant Worlds'...projected by Psy-H Project, a rising star in the sky of new wave psychedelic goa trance.

Take a wonderful journey through 9 unique and amazing music worlds, which will merge in breathtaking psychedelic dance into your mind. You'll go through the second coming and infernal candyflip, be an honorable guest at home of magic marsh creatures, feel cosmic freedom and high vibrations of Hindu God Ramayana.

May the strings of Distant Worlds sound, sending denials and doubts away!

 1. In A Shade Of Dadrrount'got
 2. Second Coming
 3. Boloto Trip
 4. Infernal Candyflip
 5. Active Meditation
 6. Chatlane
 7. Ramayana
 8. Infinite Freedom
 9. Spiritual Experience

Mar 16, 2013
Sorry, orders are disabled at the moment
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