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Suntrip Starter pack 1

9*classic cd's from between 2004-2008

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This 9-CD pack contains the Suntrip classics between 2004 and 2008:

Filteria - Sky Input, the explosive debut album of the Swedish maestro

VA - Apsara, an ultra classic of the newschool genre

Khetzal - Corolle, the absolute must, one of the best Goa albums ever

Filteria - Heliopolis, the hyperdelic sequel to Sky Input

VA - Twist Dreams, the legendary winter compilation!

RA - 9th, the magic sequel to To Sirius by the Norwegian wizards

Dimension5 - Transdimensional, one of the top best Goatrance albums ever reissued on Suntrip

VA - Opus Iridium, a double-CD compilation featuring many future Suntrip headliners!

Nov 27, 2014

62€ instead of 82€ !

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