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The 5th Dimension pack!

The 3 classics of Dimension 5 in 1 pack!

Special deals

Dimension 5 is one of the "big names" of the history of goa-trance... Luckely for us, they are still into the scene 20 years later! Because of that you can still enjoy their magical music... Now even for a better price! :)

Dimension5 - Transdimensional, one of the top best Goatrance albums ever reissued on Suntrip

Dimension5 - TransAddendum, the best unreleased tracks of the 90s of this magical group, brought together on 1 cd!

Dimension5 - TransStellar, rare vinyl and cd-tracks, collected on 1 magical cd! Only available on the Suntrip shop!

Oct 9, 2013

25€ instead of 30!

Sorry, orders are disabled at the moment
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