Live acts & Djs

Ali Akgun
Istanbul, Turkey
Melodic Goa Trance

Mindsphere aka Ali Akgün (°1976, Istanbul, Turkey). 

Are you a fan of mystic, dreamy, hypnotic  Goa trance filled with eastern melodies and magical moments?  Search no further! The aim of Mindsphere Music is to propel the listener and dancer into the middle of a whirling vortex of highly sensitive feelings and authentic emotions directly inspired by Ali’s experiences in life.
Old school Goa trance fans are certain to find themselves touched and bewitched by the diverse oriental tonalities of this dynamic sound!

So, what about his past, how did he become a goa head like that? :)
In 1996, he got a master cd called "Goa Trax", then his life went towards that spiritual way. After that, he bought some equipment and started to produce Goa trance and Ambient music. His first live act was in 2003, and he really felt something that he never could describe before. After seeing people dance and what they wanted from the music, he continued his songs that way, he felt all the energy in them. Some people call his music oriental spiritual melodic psychedelic trance, but he can't give a name and category to his music. For him it's like living in a painful life and his feelings goes out that way. But sure it is % 100 Goa trance way ! Because he can describe himself with those spiritual melodies.

On year 2005, Ali created first Turkish Goa Psychedelic Trance web portal to integrated Turkey Goa Psy scene. After some years, a label called "Metapsychic Records" found him and released his first album Inner Cyclone. And it gets great feedbacks from true Goa trance lovers!

The other side he has another project called ''Mindphoria'' style between ambient and spacely down tempo.


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