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January 28, 2014 1:20 AM

E-Mantra - Nemesis is released!

Suntrip Records presents an album many were waiting for: E-Mantra - Nemesis!  Finally you can order this masterpiece of modern goa-trance with a darker twist on the Suntrip shop & bandcamp!  

But there is more news:
- we also added a lot of classics to our Suntrip site for order to today!  
- within 3 days the limited Anoebis - 10 years Suntrip mix cd with some unreleased tracks will be available!  

We hope this makes you all happy!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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January 23, 2014 9:42 PM

E-Mantra - Nemesis release & Sakura Mix

Never tell bad news without good news! The bad news, the new E-Mantra album "Nemesis" has 1 extra week delay, it will be released at most on January 31st.

You won't be disappointed: magician Emanuel Carpus decided to experiment with new sounds and the result is a 7th album that goes back to his "Arcana" roots, but in a darker, twisted, melodic and superpsychedelic way! Oscillating between hypnotic & acidic themes, Nemesis won't let you breathe a second! A mindblowing experience.


Now here's the good news:

Amakusa Records will release a mix-cd of Anoebis, as promotion of the 10 years Suntrip Records tour! The mix will be called "Sakura mix" which means Cherry Blossom in Japanese! Only 200 CDR's will be made, 50 for Europe, 150 for Japan! Price will be probably only a few euros as it is pure promotion! The tracklist is below! Look well, there are some unreleased goodies included!
Filteria - Filteroid

  1. E-Mantra - Xibalba
  2. Dimension 5 - Zarkon (original)
  3. RA - Gateway Eight ( Cosmic Dimension Remix)
  4. Mindsphere - Depth of Consciousness
  5. Imba & Nova Fractal - Sevilla in Trance
  6. Crossing Mind - Solarnium
  7. Dimension 5 - Exoplanets
  8. Cosmic Dimension - Cosmic Call
  9. Nebula Meltdown- Alnitak Sunrise
  10. Uth - Cosmic Fusion
  11. Hunab Ku - Matrix


They should be both in our shop within 1 week, be patient :)

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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December 3, 2013 9:20 AM

Cosmic Dimension released!

Last week, our newest Limited Print was released! :) You like full power goa trance? Wait no longer! :)

All info, samples and the cd/FLAC itself:

Posted by: Anoebis
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October 28, 2013 5:21 PM

Filteria is released!!!! :)

Dear Suntrippers!

BIG NEWS!!! :)
The new Filteria album, "Lost in the wild" is finally released! :) After his previous album in 2009, Jannis Tzikas kept on searching new original ideas and border-breaking sounds. The result? Another wicked masterpiece! His trademarks; fat climaxes and crazy melodies, are now combined with even more psychedelic effects, acidic sounds and stronger powerful rhythm-sections!  
For samples; please check our site:

And of course, you can order this cd from us directly! :) Also, we have a lot of special deals available in our shop! So have a look around, and we hope you help us to keep goa-trance alive! :)

Next is the Cosmic Dimension album, which will be released in 3 weeks

from now! (22th of november).

If you want to stay updated with all our info, parties, samples and special deals... become a friend of our fb account! :)

Thanks for all the support and keep goa-trance alive!

Joske Anoebis & Fabien Mars :)

Posted by: Anoebis
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October 21, 2013 9:15 PM

Ten days from the release of the new Filteria album!

In just ten days you'll have a chance to hold the new, most anticipated Filteria album in your hands and let it blow your ears!

Filteria needs no introduction…The king of climaxes, who destroyed the dancefloors all over the world on festivals such as Boom, Antaris, Ozora or SUN is back with his fourth album, called “Lost In The Wild” on his homelabel Suntrip Records!

This album will show you, more than ever, that there are still things to discover on the Goatrance shores: Once again the master has broken all barriers with “Lost in the Wild” : 8 mindblowing dancefloor stormers with a story… In the beginning more deep and slow with trancending melodies, building towards plain sci-ci acidic madness in the middle and the end of the album! The bonus track is a gift to the people who heard Filteria play "Birds" live :)

Lost in the Wild is a landmark for all !!!!
So, press play, we’re sure the party will take place both in your head and your body!
Posted by: Fabien Mars
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October 2, 2013 3:27 PM

Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles Released!

Yes! Today is the day... :) After a few silent months, we are back with new music! :)

We are happy to announce the release of Nebula Meltdown with his debut-album: "Stardust Chronicles!"
You can listen to, AND order the cd in our shop :)

Except of there, it is available in all other major online shops, such as Psyshop, beatspace, Amazon,... whatever you want! :)
The digital release will be available within a matter of days as well! :)


Posted by: Anoebis
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September 23, 2013 7:28 PM

Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles is on the launchpad! :)

You like your modern goa-trance more subtle, atmospheric and complex? Well, search no longer, the debut Nebula Meltdown-album  is exactly what you need!
Kristian Aro, a Finnish artist and dj who is active in the scene for over a decade already, is proud to present his debut album “Stardust Chronicles”!  
His style is unique for a “modern goa” artist. His music is more psy-trance influenced, spaced out and subtle acidic instead of typical melodic and euphoric!

You want samples and info? Wait no longer and go to the release page!!!

1. One Eyed Reptile
2. A Higher Pathway
3. Psychic Beacon
4. Agape Sophia
5. Superluminal Connection
6. Stardust Chronicles
7. Mindstream Continuum
8. Alnitak Sunrise
9. Breakfast on the Balcony

Enjoy the music! And in 6-7 Weeks we can blow you all away with the new Filteria album!! :)

And don't hesitate to visit our Facebook page for uupdates and discussions.

Posted by: Anoebis
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August 27, 2013 2:21 PM

New Suntrip releases in the next 6 months...

After the summer holidays and the festivals we are working very hard again on new releases! We finally made a release schedule (more or less) for the upcoming releases! Have a look...

End of sept/early oct: Nebula Meltdown (Finland) - Stardust Chronicles (SUNCD29)

End of oct: Filteria (Sweden) - Lost in the Wild (SUNCD30)

Middle november: Cosmic Dimension (Fyrom) - In a Special Kind of Space (SUNCDLE03)

December: E-Mantra (Romania) - Arcana 2 (name may change...) (SUNCD31)

Jan/Feb: RA (Norway) - <No Name Yet> (SUNCD32)


We hope you enjoy! Thanks for supporting us! :)

Mars & Anoebis

Posted by: Anoebis
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May 29, 2013 5:40 PM

VA - Blacklight Moments now released!!!

Yes! The new Suntrip Records CD: VA - Blacklight moments is now released! Acidic Night music, mighty euphoric goa trance and floating morning stormers! That is what you can expect! The tracklist you should now by now...

1. Daimon - Wake Up and Smell the Ashes
2. K.O.B. (aka Filteria) - Those Talking Machines
3. Psychic Voyag - Black Sun
4. Cosmic Dimension - Viral Breath
5. KhetzaL - Aramean Dreams
6. Javi & SkoOma - Emotional Overload
7. Artifact303 - Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra Remix)
8. Skarma - Naltayada
9. Mindsphere - Depth of Consciousness
10. Uth - Cosmic Fusion

As you can see, Blacklight Moments is not just another ordinary compilation. This is the return of Khetzal, the confirmation of artists such as K.O.B. (aka Filteria), E-Mantra, Mindsphere, Daimon and of course, the discovery of new talents such as Cosmic Dimension, Javi & Sko0ma,  Psychic Voyag, Skarma and Uth!

Be the first to have this cd! It is now for sale on our Suntrip shop, and within a few days on all big online shops! Also it is now for download on our homepage and our Bandcamp-page, and within a week on many more websites! We'll make sure the summer starts bright with this cd...! :)

Posted by: Anoebis
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May 25, 2013 8:36 PM

Suntrip bandcamp page, Blacklight moments coming close and new cds! :)

Hello Suntrippers! :)

Right before the summer, we have a lot of extra things to offer, to make sure you can bring the sun(trip music) with you :)

First thing: we have been working hard to have our releases on bandcamp! A first pile of releases (all the Suntrip released from SUNCD1-SUNCD19, except for Filteria and Radical Distortion) are now available on this easy site for download!
All the other releases, and Blacklight Moments, will be available next week! :)
So people, who prefer downloads over cd, please use Bandcamp or this site, as our margins are much bigger on these sites! :)

Second thing: we had the news Blacklight Moments is printed now! This means it will be available at our shop, and all the other online shops within 1 week normally! The moment we have it, we will announce it here of course and put it on sale! :) For samples... You can still use:

And last but not least: we have other cds available again from different labels! :) We have Zion604 releases: "Scandi 90's", "Flight604" and "Brainforest" back in stock! For more goa-trance pleasure, you can always order on our Suntrip shop :)
Also we have the new tickets of Freedom Festival available :)

Thanks for supporting us! :)
Joske (Anoebis) and Fabien (Mars)

Posted by: Anoebis
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