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April 9, 2022 11:01 AM

Filteria is back with "Live With the Lag"

After 9 years and wrecking havoc on countless dancefloors and festivals across the globe, Filteria is back for his 5th studio album called "Live With the Lag"! and what might be his best album to date. 

Instead of squashing the audience end to end, Jannis Tzikas takes you on the hop in a dazzling 9-track experience where he shows he can take you anywhere through his melodic mastery!

"Live With the Lag" was worth the wait, Filteria didn't make any compromise and remains at the apex of the modern Goa Trance genre! Get the extracts on the release page !

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February 28, 2021 6:10 PM

15 years later: announcing KhetzaL's Etamines"

Khetzal is back!

15 Years after his legendary debut release Corolle (which we just reprinted as a 2xLP), Matthieu Chamoux presents his second album called "Etamines"! And we are happy to say he didnt lose the magic!

He continued his deep spiritual goa-trance style filled with magical violin melodies and eastern chords! This unique storytelling resulted in another fairytale album going from ambient to full power dancefloor madness. We may not be able to travel now, because of Covid, but close your eyes while listening to this wonderful album, and we promise you will fly away to far away lands!

The album is due around the 19th of March!!

Check the extracts on the release page and just go and reserve your copy on Bandcamp!

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February 8, 2021 12:00 PM

RIP Martin Cooper / Asia 2001

This is a sad day for the Goa communictyl Gilbert Thevenet aka Martin Cooper, the pioneer behind the legendary band Asia 2001 passed away yesterday.

This is the first time an artist we've been working with goes to Goa heaven and we're deeply sad.

Last time I had him over the phone was about 5 years ago, around the time we reissued Psykadelia. He had serious health issues, but still manageable at the time.

We feel very sorry for his family and relatives. RIP.

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March 16, 2020 4:44 PM

Your 5 minutes of happiness with Clementz

In those times of dire uncertainty, in those times where people are locked down into their appartements, getting grimer news reports every passing hour, we believe it's important to find balance. Entertainment. Happiness.

At Suntrip, we are sill totally commited to release the best Goatrance and give you that touch of happiness!

After nearly 20 compilation tracks, the melody wizard Clementz from Oslo has completed his debut album "Kretsløp" to be released next month.

"Kretsløp" is Norwegian for "circulation", like in the biological cycle. It emphasizes the deep link we have with the nature and our universe!

This is a crazy brillant album full of twists and melodies, like a norwegian landscape, or like a comet scrolling through space.

Wherever you are, we now invite you to have a good time with the extracts we are releasing today :)

Be safe.

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November 2, 2017 11:37 PM

Enter...The Apsara Festival

Apsara, the nymphs of the dance, and of course, our second CD and a milestone of the new goa-trance wave
After 13 years providing music, organizing Suntrip & Old is Gold / Fractal Gate events, Suntrip presents something unique:

The Apsara Festival!

A festival, for goa-trance loving people with a psychedelic mindset!

Our vision is and was always the same: bring all facets of goa-trance to you! And there is no better way to do it than on a festival! What can you expect by us? A beautiful natural surrounding... A valley inside a forest where you can camp! And of course, the best music you can imagine! We make sure you will hear tons of your favourite artists. Some unique, some more well known, some old school, some modern! Ranging from pure melodic goa, to darker night acid-trance! From early forest influenced music to pure euphoria! Each music has its moment, and we'll make sure all lovers of this kind of music will reach bliss!

So, more to the point info:
Where: Ludoş, near Sibiu, Romania
When: wednesday 8 till sunday 12th of August 2018
Prices: depending on the country where you live, but cheap compared to today's festival standards
Presale: starting the 1st of January

Line up: There will be two dance floors: the "Main Valley Floor" and the "Ambient Forest"
We will make sure you have some very unique names and will announce more names every week! Those who know Suntrip and the Old is Gold / Fractal Gate parties also know we won't disappoint you!

Here are the first names:

Encens / Ominus / Aeternum (Day Live + Night Live)
Koyote Records / UK


Battle of the Future Buddhas (Live & DJ-set)
Schlabbaduerst RekKords / Sweden


Cydonia / Semsis (Live)
Blue Room + Atomic / UK


Filteria (Live) + K.O.B. (live)
Suntrip Records / Sweden


Mindsphere (Live)
Suntrip Records / Turkey


Wait for updates, much more news will reach all of you soon!

Oh, and here's the event on Facebook !

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June 21, 2017 11:39 PM

Just married!

Last week-end, our beloved Mara (Psylocybe/Suntrip) who's helping us a lot on our promotion, and Damir aka DaPeace, Suntrip DJ, got married.

And it wasn't the usual wedding. Mara was wearing a white and rainbow-colored dress, whereas Damir's outfit was mainly fluo orange! And the guests got a treat on the dacefloor with performances from Imba, Cosmic Dimension and Celestial Intelligence.

This was so amazing the videos are making their way around the technosphere!

We wish Mara and Damir the very best for the rest of their life (and beyond) !

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June 10, 2017 8:25 PM

Celebrate Imba's birthday with a freebie track!


Today is Imba's 26th birthday!

To celebrate it with you he's decided to offer his 2017 Mix of "Chloë's Thing,", a track he did specifically for Live Sets and he has very much at heart  :) 

Imba would like to thank you again for your support worldwide and hopes you enjoy the music! :)

Download here : Imba - Chloe's Thing (2017 Mix)


Bookings worldwide:

Cover art design by CoaGoa:

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May 9, 2017 1:29 AM

WonderKOB things are happening this week!


KO.B. - Identity Mash

In case you were hiding under a rock, you might have missed we're going to release Filteria's K.O.B. side project album, called "Identity Mash" this week !! This one is gonna blow you away!

Check the extracts here!


In the Sofa

Want more? OK, here is the second installment of Suntrip's "In the Sofa" interviews. Except we were on a bench this time :)

This issue, filmed on March 28th 2017, features Federico from DAT Records, who's discussing his path throught he Goatrance movement, his involement in the Mind Rewind compilation series (dedicated to the MangoTree charity), and the DAT music preservation initiative.
At  the end of the interview, he also gives a few words about the forthcoming "Trip to the Stars" release, his future plans, and his performance to come in the OldIsGold XX party in Belgium on May 13th 2017.


OIG XX Party

YES indeed!

May 13th 2017, Belgium, Europe, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Laniakea Supercluster, Universe...program your GPS, you can't miss it!


Isn't that a C.R.A.Z.Y coincidence that both these artists are playing at the Old Is Gold 20 party next saturday ? And that both Suntrip and DAT's latest releases will be just released then and available there ?

We are serioulsy hoping to make the crowd very happy there! See you on the dancefloor!

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December 10, 2013 11:31 PM

The EOY sales have started!

YESSS!!!  The Suntrip Christmas sales are there!!  This is your chance to buy music cheaper, and to make your friends or partner happy with a good old fashioned piece of music! 

These are the rules:
"1 in 3 Suntrip CDs bought is free, the cheapest items' prices are substracted and it only applies to the Suntrip CDs from the past 2 years (Shaltu onwards) AND the 2010 limited reissues, EXCLUDING packs (as they're already discounted)".

Enjoy your Christmas!

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May 19, 2011 11:54 PM

Artifact303 promo event @

The least we can say is that people commented frenetically on the Artifact303 album we just released.

The good news is most of you love it!
Once more, we have evidence Goa artists are creative and strong on the Psytrance scene.

Don't hesitate to go and listen to the samples and get your copy on the release page.

Anyway, if you lived under a rock  in the past few weeks, you can catch up by attending a special Artifact303 promo event this friday May 20th from 10PM on the radio (facebook event there). is a non profit and 100% adfree webradio playing various kinds of psychedelic music. The main focus is on progressive psytrance and ambient. They offer you 4 different streams in 160kbit/s (hq lameenc mp3 encode)

. . : : a m b i e n t & d o w n b e a t : : . .
. . : : m i x e s & l i v e s e t s : : . .
. . : : p r o g r e s s i v e : : . .
. . : : g o a : : . .

See you there!

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