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January 2, 2020 2:54 AM

2020 it is!

Writing that title made me think of Star Wars...And oh yeah 2019 was certainly like that, adventurous and bumpy, and also exhexhilaratingilarating, with our 15th birthday and plenty of festivals and parties throughout the planet!

Without forgetting...

  • Psylent Buddhi
  • Total Eclipse
  • Median Project
  • Battle Of The Future Buddhas
  • Sykespico
  • Celestial Intelligence
  • MFG

We released 7 amazing albums, a true mix of oldschool and newschool thanks to our incredible artists, some of which will certainly be remembered in the Goa Trance Hall Of Fame! We're so proud to be working with those guys who worked countless hours in their studio to make you dance arms in the air, that's so beautiful!

By the way we have a product available in our shop with those seven gems! Click here.


So, what's up our sleeve in 2020 ?

Well, first the second edition of the Apsara Festival, with plenty of new ideas and artists. Chek our announcements on Facebook and on


On the releases front, we are set on releasing an album by the spanish rising star Hypnoxock, and another one from the norwegian genius Clementz! You'll be surprised with both.

And then? And then we don't know. Mindsphere might be ready with the 3rd part of "Mental Triplex", Triquetra or Filteria might nbe too, who knows ? Maybe we'll also have some surprise :)

We wish you a stunning year 2020 and the best health you can imagine! Keep Suntripping :)

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July 20, 2018 11:39 PM

It's the festival season, and not any festival!

Hello dear Suntrippers...and dear Apsarans :)

As you know we've been carefully baking the Apsara Festival to be held near Sibiu in Romania from August 8th to 12th.
If you still don't have your ticket, please rush on and come to listen to la crème de la crème of Goatrance !!!

In the meantime you can meet us at Boom in the coming days. Celestial Intelligence will be presenting their new album on the mainstage on Wednesday July 25th !

Oh yeah we may have a little surprise ready for those who will attend the Apsara Festival...a good Goa festival in Romania doesn't come without a good Goa allbum from Romania :) The new E-Mantra baby will hit the shelves around September 1st but Apsarans will probably be able to get their hands on it 3 weeks earlier.

If you're jealous, you can always go and listen to the samples.

This is the 4th album for E-Mantra, one of the most famous protagonists of modern goa-trance. For this new fairytale, called "Stapanii Timpului", he was inspired by the ominous legends of his homecountry, Romania. Mantralicious! 

The album starts with "Rusalka", a huge dancefloor stormer with an enormous kick, followed by a darker pure acid 303-stormer: "Ghosts in the Mist". Slowly the album evolves in recognisable E-Mantra territories: darker acidic goa-trance with spooky melodies and massive bass. Tracks like "Ravenmocker", "At The Foothills of Kogaion" & "Typhon's Wrath" will destroy every trancefloor! During the last tracks we hear the first rays of sun again! Blisfull melodies accompanied by another dose of acid-sounds allover! To end this epic story E-Mantra shows his ability for downtempo trance again.

No doubt, when this album hits the speakers, it will make you dance, smile and go crazy! And if you like it, dont forget the other classics by E-Mantra released on Suntrip Records! As usual the mastering is done by Tim Schuldt, for an extra crispy result! 

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February 18, 2017 10:45 PM

Imba's Goa Trance Drums Kit

Imba has just released the Ultimate Goa Trance Drums Kit!

Made and tested by Imba on various dancefloors around the world over for almost 10 years... and it's for FREE!

Original samples from legendary Roland's machines such as: JD 800, JD 990, Juno 106 (Typhoon), JV 80, JV 1080, MC 09, MC 303, R-8, R-5, SC-88, SH-09, SH-101, System-100, TR-505, TR-606, TR-707, TR-808, TR-909... heavily processed. Some of them made with modern tools so they can fit to more modern styles of Psychedelic Trance genre.

These drums are taken from all his released and unreleased tracks. In pack you can find samples from his lately released album 'First Encounter'.

254 samples in total:
- 64 Kicks
- 60 Open Hats
- 58 Snares
- 56 Closed Hats
- 13 Claps
- 1 Bongo, Clave & Ride Cymbal

Drums and percussions for everyones taste and style!

Download here !

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January 1, 2017 2:14 AM

Happy New Year 2017!

The Suntrip team wishes you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year !
Please take care of your family and your health, these are the most precious of all!

Oooh 2016 !!

It's a safe bet to say 2016 was our busiest year. And our most emotional. That was the year 12 years of relentless efforts and shortened nights paid off. That was a year of parties and festivals, interviews, partnerships. That was the year Suntrip was given a huge shocase at Boom in addition to the increasing support we get from Connection every year, without forgetting new initiatives like Transylvaliens!
Also, we're not forgetting our audience. Every time we get a greetings messgae, everytime the crowd explodes to one of our artists' tracks, it brings a lot of positive energy and will to keep going.
Thanks guys, thanks everyone, that means so much to us that my eyes are getting wet as I'm writing this.

As a result of this work & emotional overload, we were completely worn out in November before Imba's release! But fortunately we're helped by really amazing people!

Let's make a small recap, shall we?

While writing this I wondered if we'd delivered what we'd promised last year. Well, pretty much every project that was well advanced got released. The only disappointment was not having the time to release a compilation...

There were also simple enjoyable things like that:


On the other hand, 2016 was also a saddening year in terms of peace and freedom in the world. Those key values are increasingly at risk, even in so-called developed countries. We're extremely worried and are praying to see things improve for everyone, everywhere. Please don't be passive and act, or we'll be sorry one day!


So, 2017 :)

Suntrip relentelessly aims at making people happy; so here's out contribution for 2017™:

  • SUNCD45 : Mindsphere - Mental Triplex - ??

The second opus of the trilogy, the follow-up to "Presence" is being prepared. It will contain E.P.I.C. pieces of music.

  • SUNCD46: K.O.B. - ??

Filteria's side project is reaching maturation. We had a full album in 2009, but the sound wasn't yet distinctive enough from its bigger brother project and the tracks needed to find the good balance between scando-weirdness and dancefloor-affinity. The project was rebooted in 2014 and 8/9 tracks are being chosen out of the dozen written since. We're VERY close. We even have an almost complete artwork!

  • SUNCDLE02: Astral Projection vs Filteria vs Morphic Resonance - Fiat Lux

Avi Nissim announced it last Summer. We're almost ready. The Astral Projection guys are polishing the two tracks they're going to let us release. One remix of Filteria's "Filtertraces", and one remix of SFX "Y-Salem"! To try and balance that Filteria has remixed Astral Projection's "Let There Be Light" and Morphic Resonance has remixes for "Enlightened Evolution" and "Black & White". This EP will be released in collaboration with "Trust In Trance", to celebrate their return to the scene!

  • SUNCD47/48... and/or SUNCDLE06 ?

Well, we're not sure yet. These releases will contain at least two compilations. We're ashamed to have spent almost two years without a compilation. All the more as we're in the middle of a frenzy of promo-listening and it hurts to see many very talented artsist urgently need to be properly showcased!

One of these releases will be compiled by our friend and DJ Frankie "Lord Flames", to promote the Connection Festival 2017.

Another one of these releases will be a celebration-compilation for our 50th should have been SUNCD50 but...ooops...I see we're already at 52 releases including limited and digital editions, and 49 CDs without counting the Amakusa "Sakura" Mix...

ANYWAY, we have to celebrate: FIFTY releases! Had we been told 12 years ago, we wouldn't have believed it!!!


  • Other plans? Yes, Merr0w, Celestial Intelligence, Cosmic Dimension and Ethereal are still working on their new albums. Give them the time, it will come.



Yes, we working on a new website. This one is becoming old and its design may make your eyes bleed. Time to change that.

By the way, TB is back is managing our YouTube channel again. We've come up with a new interview concept, expect some surprises...

We're looking forward to interact a lot with everyone whilst still focusing on our core and we're striving finding new ways to make Goatrance great again as widespead as possible.

The year will be full of interesting moments for oldschool lovers. There's the Purim Festival in Israel, and we'll be at ZNA Gethering in Portugal, Balkan Goa Fanatics in Croatia, Connection Festival in Spain, Lost Theory, Transylvaliens in Romania, and many others...


Once again, we wish you the very best for 2017. Love.


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September 7, 2016 10:43 PM

There's a sliiight change of plans, Captain!


How was your summer? Brillant we hope.
Our was amazing. So many great festivals, so much great music, AMAZING people !!! Thank you, thanks a lot for your support, you're all amazing!


You may be wondering where is the Crossing Mind album we promised for September.

Well it's been mastered for a while, you may have heard these very tracks at Boom in Portugal or more recently at the Puzzle Effect party in Israël. But the bad news is we're having some issues with the cover which is pretty special, so we have to delay that album a little bit.

The good news is we're releasing RA - Earthcall in advance!
Weird, everytime RA is involved our CD numbering gets all mixed up :)

We're sending the material to the press as we're speaking so you can hope to have the album in your hands around October 10th.

Here's the tracklist: 

1 Terra
2 Predator Remix
3 Sacred Sands
4 Crossing Planet
5 12th Hour (RA & Menkalian)
6 Touch A Star
7 Causatum
See you soon !!
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June 2, 2016 4:26 PM

Why the Mouth of Madness !?

Some of you have noticed that the Morphic Resonance track "In The Mouth Of Madness" bears similarities with Cydonia's "Why".


We need to clarify something here: "In The Mouth Of Madness" was originally intended by Cristian to be a tribute to Cyndonia. As the composition evolved Cristian added his own elements that made it a different track, but some core elements were still recognizable (bass, rhythmic arrangement).


Whether "In The Mouth Of Madness" is a remix is "Why" remains subject to discussion. Though, in the heat of the release preparation, the Cydonia guys weren't contacted (contrary to the S.U.N. project guys, from which we got full support, thanks).


For those who may be too young to know about them, Cydonia used to be one of the top leading Goa bands back in the days. Signed under the stellar Blue Room Released and Atomic Records, they had this twisted, dark, industrial, sometimes funky touch that made it so recognizable from the rest of the Goatrance output back then. I saw them in Paris in 1999 and they rocked (what remained of) the dancefloor.
Cydonia was Iain Rive, Steve Ronan and Dino Psaras, who were also involved in other killer projects such as Semsis, Universal Sound, Tortured Brain, Ayahuasca, B.E.T.H... We strongly advise you to go and listen to their EP's and albums.…/…/20492


As you know, many oldschool artists are starting to tour again and Iain Rive told me it was his plan as well. So we wanted to make it clear that if you happen to hear a tune that reminds you of "In The Mouth Of Madness" at some party, it's actually the other way around !

Respect, Cydonia!


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December 23, 2015 11:10 PM

Christmas sales @ Suntrip

Our special Suntrip Records Christmas and new years sales are now online! They will go on untill the 15th of january. What special things you can expect from us this time!? smile emoticon


Please, support the artists and the labels... Support goa-trance!

NB: all orders passed these days will be shipped on January 2dn. Sorry for the inconvenience.

smile emoticon


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November 26, 2015 2:27 PM

So where's RA, where's Mindsphere, where's 2016 ?


Suntrip is not only about shiny new CDs every other month, we're also striving to expand our goa vision to places where no psytrance has gone before :) And that means more partnerships, more merchandising, more promos listening, more travelling, and unfortunately, more paperwork... all this dragged us behing in terms of schedules, and I can tell there will be no more release in 2015.

But wait, that's for the greater good:

- In case you haven't seen, we have opened our Instagram account (search suntriprecords) that we first tested at the Connection festival, and a bunch of nice people have volunteered to help us with Youtube, Facebook, keeping up with everyone's parties, etc... and we might reveal some big news soon too.

- New Merchandising is coming very soon: new tshirts, hoodies, superb laptop sticker lids, just in time for christmas gifts :)

- Another important info, we'll be proud to be Boom festival Ambassadors for the third time for the 2016 edition. Guess what? Crossing Mind (FR) and Aneobis (BE) will be playing there in front of 33333 people !!!

- Still craving for some awesome Goa-Trance before christmas ? OK go and buy IFO @ DAT Records (out Dec 4th), this is simply the reissue of the best Goatrance album of all times...and Mind Rewind 3 is coming in the next weeks too.


Now the forthcoming releases:

There were quite un bunch of twists and turns about the RA album. 2015 or not ? A few months ago I wrote we were fairly certain it would happen in 2015. Alas, that won't be the case. Long story short, it's progressing, but very slowly and you'll have to wait a little more to see the RA uptempo trilogy complete :) Richpa/Neogoa is working on the artwork.

In the meantime, we've got a tracklist from Mindsphere and Ali is pushing his latest touches to his new album. The artwork is being done by the Mimesis Crew from Spain, and we're pretty sure this is going to be our next release, in the very first weeks of 2016. Hint: this album may have a couple of sequels :)

Very soon too, we'll be releasing a ToïDoï album in collaboration with DAT records. Once again, long story short, Federico from DAT was so busy that his ToïDoï album project was running late. He agreed that we take over. We had several discussions with Gilles ToïDoï on the phone in the past weeks, we proposed him a contract and it's all looking good :) Expect "Psychedelic Home"-like madness !!! Oh I feel very inspired to do the artwork of this one.

Crossing Mind is about ready and we HAVE to release his new 2xCD opus before Boom of course :)

Morphic Resonance nearing album completion too !

Imba as well !

Merr0w as well !!

not mentioning Cosmic Dimension just sent us 2,5 hours music...

and I'm hearing about K.O.B. regularly

and we're also collecting great compilation material

and there will be a couple of surprises too...


...beyond the question whether it's doable or not, is it even sane to release so much great music in just one year ??? We'll see :)

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August 14, 2015 12:26 AM

What we're up to

Back safe from ZNA or another festival of your choice? Good :)
Back in January we'd promised the excellent Celestial Intelligence, the Prana Remixes and the reissue of the legendary Asia 2001's Psykadelia.


This commitment is now fulfilled and we've even had the time to release a very nice compilation: Aurora Sidera, which I'm not sure all of you had the time to check out before the summer, so I'll briefly talk about it again:

With this new compilation, we present something different. More psychedelic, acidic and crazy as usual, but of course, with a blissful melodic ending! 

We open the compilation with a pure groovy TB303 stormer by Skizologic. Skizologic is very active and respected on the Israeli scene, and close to the Zion604 label. We're very happy , he can show his wondrous skills here.
He' followed by another acidic tune, both fast and floating, by Nebula Meltdown who keeps having super ideas.
After that we get 2 Suntrip-newcomers (Dragon Twins & Morphic Resonance) who have already released excellent EPs on Ektoplazm and who present us here smashing psychedelic "Flying Rhino"-like 90s acid-trance!
E-Mantra's remix of Artifact303 is next with powerful smashing goa-trance! Just go and listen to it, you won't regret it :)
The second part of the compilation is more melodic.
First comes Crossing Mind in his specific twisted style. This is the kind track that might appear in his next album (2016?)
He's followed by 2 amazing spiraling morning trance tracks by Mindsphere and Celestial Intelligence. Now we're in the morning part of the compilation with two of the most devastating tracks we'v'e heard this year. These did make people burst in tears on the dancefloor! Listen to the break in the Mindpshere track, listen to the final surprise in the Celestial Intelligence'll understant what we mean!!!
The final track is a collaboration by French classic acts Denshi-Danshi and The Amtinaous, who are back for a first release since the 90s! This track is pure trance, melodic, acidic & beautiful.
This compilation is evidence Goa-trance keeps on evolving!




Back on the roadmap now: recently I was scrolling through our ongoing project list and I saw we'd assigned SUNCD46 whereas we'd just released SUNCD37. Clearly it was time to disclose our plans for the rest of the year...


Starting September 15th, we're going to release a digital EP (well, maybe a CDM too) from Night Hex called "Viziuni Nocturne" (Romanian for "Night Visions"). Night Hex is actually another moniker of Emanuel Carpus aka E-Mantra for his slower tracks. He's already released one track on "Echoes from the Void".

 Not really downtempo, just what you need to dance under the sun without struggling after a sleepless night :) The mastering is done, we're waiting for the cover.


Just after is going to be a retro album by a fantastic oldschool group: Denshi Danshi. One of the most talented duos of the POF era, the French authors of the unforgettable "Feed the Mugwumps" are back! And guess what? They haven't just dusted their old DAT tapes. They actually rebuilt their studio (they had everything in boxes for 15+ years) and together with The Amtinaous and the guys of Jelly Headz , they restarted making music. "Fluid Dynamics" will comprise  6 oldschool tracks, 1 remix, 1 rework, and 3 completely new tracks! First we wanted to make it a limited edition and we're happy it's going to be released broadly! The mastering of this one is done and artwork almost finished.


Back in January we were really unsure about RA. Christer had already produced a big part of this new album, but life had gone in the way...and it took (much) longer than expected. And two weeks ago we received a downtempo track and a VS with Menkalian/cosmic Dimension. As of today, I can write with certainty that the closing album of the trilogy is going to be released in 2015 and that there'll be a pyramid on the cover! As usual with RA you can expect superb shaped tracks with sun-in-your-heart melodies and climaxes.

That leaves us 3 months to figure out what to do with the 7.5 hours of fantastic music Mindsphere sent us !!!! 7,5, can you imagine? There's woudln't believe...We don't know if it will be in 2015 or 2016, but those of you who like high-end exhilarating climactic goatrance are in for a serious musical orgasm in the very next months.

Now Crossing Mind has settled in a village in the nature at the top of a mountain, he's also finished 3 hours of music and he's now giving the final touches on some of the tracks. It could well be a double album with an uptempo and a downtempo side. Also from Crossing Mind, we have the recording of a crazy live-act he did at our 10-years party. Will we release it as a digital-only teaser? We aren't sure of the formula yet.


Now, there's more WIP targetting 2016 :)

Morphic Resonance is working on an album and those who've seen him on stage have witnessed how skilled he is and how far his music is propelling the dancefloor! This one may well be our fer-de-lance release of 2016 !

We're in the talks with a famous oldschool French artist (with a name in T) to release his best/unreleased tracks. More on that soon.

Filteria is still working on his "secret project". Not sure how much I can disclose but those who saw him this summer may have heard hints :)

EtherealImba and Merr0w are also gearing up for their respective albums. They're at various stages of production, all pretty much advanced anyway.

And there's a couple of still secret things we won't be discussing today for various reasons.


As you can see, there's enough on our plate for one year! See you in a few days for the first extracts of Night Hex.

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January 1, 2015 10:52 PM

Happy new year 2015

The Suntrip team wishes you a happy new year 2015. May it bring you a strong health and stunning music !

Many things have changed in 2014. Suntrip is no longer two guys, we are now a cluster of people who are in charge of the music selection, orders, parties, youtube, facebook, bookings...

As far as releases are concerned, we have given our DJs the tools to better access promos and make tracks selections, which will obviously end up on greater compilations, and more opportunities for producers, like digital releases.

On the mainstream release sfront, we'll start the year with Celestial Intelligence's album "Perpetual Energy". And energy, there is, in these 75 minutes of pure newschool goa trance made by a very strong duo from Kumanovo, Macedonia!

Check the extracts.

01 Into The Depths Of Illusion
02 Divine Miracles
03 Constant Motion
04 Anapa
05 Celestial Beings
06 1001 Reasons
07 Gray Matter
08 A Different Story
09 Perpetual Energy

Later, we'll release a set of Prana remixes on CD together with Masturi.

There's the long awaited re-issue of Asia 2001 Psykadelia of course (no, we haven't forgotten about it, we were just too busy in 2014)

We had RA on the phone a few days ago and he promised he'd complete his album for 2015!

And last but not least, we're going to release a retro album by a fantastic oldschool group: Denshi Danshi. From France, one of the most talented duos of the POF era, the authors of the unforgettable "Feed the Mugwumps" is back! Expect great unreleased tunes and maybe new productions too!

There may be more: Mindsphere, Crossing Mind, Ethereal, and others are working on more crazy music for 2015 or 2016.


Stay tuned and once again, we all wish you an exhilarating year 2015 !!

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