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March 24, 2016 12:14 AM

And yet again...

Yet again, one of our home countries has been struck by imbecility and obscurantism.

We said all we had to say back in November and we stand on our statement:

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November 16, 2015 1:46 AM

"Fluctuat Nec Mergitur"

Hello. At Suntrip our goal has always been to make people happy and united, despite the too many ordeals and wars surrounding us.
Being Belgian and French, we have witnessed our countries being struck one after the the other by acts of terror perpetrated by groups of people whose sole interest is domination through fear and obscurantism.
Oh we well know other countries are suffering a lot more: actually DJ Anoebis is a "godsdienst" teacher during weekdays, in a school welcoming kids coming from warzones, and he helps his pupils be open minded about cultures and religions despite the suffering they've been through. Needless to say we have the matter at heart.
The terrorists in Paris targetted that typical parisian crowd remaking the world on cafés' terraces, and the audience of a music concert. Being also party promoters, we are revolted by such hatred, and are sending our deepest sympathies to the families of those who died standing up for ideas and culture.
We are naturally afraid of what may be ahead of us, yet we will keep on doing our bit to make people dance, and unite them beyond borders, beyond religions, beyond any prejudice man can imagine.
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December 1, 2014 5:07 PM

It's black friday every day here!

First we'd like to thank you for the wonderful response and reviews we got for Shakta's Retroscape album.

For those who still haven't got it, repentance is one click away !!!! 


Unless... Unless you want more. Yay, exactly 10 years ago, we were releasing our very first CD, Filteria's Sky Input, and to celebrate that, we're offering special deals until the end of the year !


...Oh I almost forgot: we'll also have a special (digital) gift for you at the end of the year! Stay tuned :)

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December 15, 2012 2:45 AM



Sorry for being late, we really had to nail a couple of bugs, and then we had to sleep.

Well, the new site first: This one is mainly a "technologic update" to the latest version we'd deployed in...November 2009. Of course you'll first notice the new skin  (thanks Boris). We apologize to the Internet Explorer users out there, and we're working on a fix to the display issue.

Anyway, the way the site is built now, it will be easier for us to deliver more regular updates and new features. It took us a long time to release it because we had to wait for some patches on all the libraries we use and we spend a lot of efforts stabilizing the whole thing. Also, a lot of bugs have been fixed (multiple order creation, balance remainder calculation, etc...), and, well, a few others introduced, but most things work well now.

That said, if you notice really nasty bugs, please infos up through our contact form.




Now it is time to talk about our end of year SALE. Right now we have quite some stock and we thought it was better to let you benefit from them for a nice price.

1) The rule is: "for each 3 Suntrip cds you buy, 1 of them is free (the chepaer)".

  • Example 1: Shaltu + Crossing Mind + Mindsphere = 0 + 10 + 12 = 22€ instead of 32€
  • Example 2: Opus Iridium + 2 Mindsphere's = 0 + 12 +12 = 24€ instead of 36€
  • Example 3:  The 3 Filteria's + the 2 E-Mantra's + Etnica Live : 0+10+10+10+10+13 = 53€ instead of 63€ (yes, 6 cds but only 5 are from Suntrip, so you'd only get a 10€ discount).
  • Note the packs prices have been adjusted accordingly, so the Suntrip Starter Pack Extended (8 cds) is now 62€!

2) Second good news, our 2xCD are cheaper: Mindsphere - Patiencde for Heaven, our latest release, is down from 13€ to 12€ and Opus Iridium (reissue) is down from 12€ to 10€.

3) Also, we got back a pack of unsold items from our first releases, so we have a dozen original Apsara, Khetzal, Heliopolis, Ka-Sol, Twist Dreams, RA, D5, Goasia, Opus Iridium and Daze of our Lives. As most of these are repressed now, we've decided to consider them now collector items and offer them at 15€ each.

4) We have received a handful of rare/limited releases: Hunab Ku (3), Zirrex (10), Blue Moon Sampler (11), E-Mantra Silence (3), Organic Beats (12), Deedrah (2). Rush on them. Not mentioning we're waiting for another shipment including the RA ambient album that we'll put online as soon as it arrives.

5) Last but not least we have ~50 copies of the Etnica Live in Athens 96 double CD. A total must-have!

6) On public demand, we did 50 new t-shirts with our Sun logo on it. There are many colors and sizes :)

7) The Tshirts "Ik Suntrip" are down from 15€ to 10€.
All those items are on our shop. Enjoy!!!


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December 1, 2011 2:42 AM

Stamps // 2012

We already stated the Post prices in our country are getting up our noses.

If you read french, you can see how stamps prices can skyrocket by 44% in Belgium in 5 years. Reasons given are:

  • alignment on the increase of the cost of life (one of the poorest reasons ever)
  • modernization of the company's processing (the same company that keeps closing offices, and stopped distribution on saturdays)
  • accelerated decrease of the volume of mail (that's the digital world guys, and if stamps were less expensive in the first place, it would maybe be different)

I could propose: poor management, poor organization and squandering.


Anyway. That bullshit before dropping the news: the stamps prices will increase again in 2012. I mean: WOW, they dare!

Look, a boxed CD is usually 100 grams, a little more with bubbles. So the 350 grams fare applies. According to 2012 prices, that should be 6.54€ to ship one CD in Europe. With a letter? 7€. And 8€ if you live outside Europe.

You read well, you will be supposed to pay 7€ or 8€ to ship one 10€ CD out of Belgium in 2012! Plain stupid.
But with Suntrip it will be 2.79€ or 3.30€, as it used to be in 2011 and 2010.
How ?

  • Since SUNCD18 we are using a new manufacturing process. The plastic is thinner and the paper a little lighter. Weight became 85-90g, so the 100 grams fare applies. 50% off.
  • In 2011 we bought stamps in volume to obtain the 2010 prices. For 2012, we have already bought one entire year worth of stamps with the 2011 fare !!!!
  • We are keeping packaging free.


Side note: since 2004 our prices haven't changed. 10€/SUNCD. Who can claim the same?

Several times, we didn't allow ourselves to rise our base price, whilst physical sales were decreasing and many other spending costs were pressuring us. Actually we cannot do like the Post here, push prices up and bury our heads in the sand, hoping people will swallow. Goatrance is a small scene that has been used to getting music for free for a long time, and we can't afford to lose the few people that actually buy our stuff (you know who you are, be blessed), especially in this depressive period.

Instead, we practiced cost-cutting in a few areas, invested in promotion, multiplied distribution means (digital) and partnerships and of course raised our music quality standards!

What remains to be seen is whether Suntrip is still a viable company. At first sight yes, else I wouldn't be writing here :) This is the subject of a forthcoming blog post here, we do a status once a year. To be honnest, we're not datawarehouse masters but we are currently wokring on a few stats that will show for instance to which extent digital sales compensate the losses on physical sales, or show the sales "profile" of a CD, and see what actions to take to sustain our activity.

At the end of the day, what's important is to keep selecting and releasing the best up-to-date Goatrance for your ears and minds' pleasures :) 23 CDs on the counter. Enjoy!!!

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August 29, 2011 3:27 AM

Back to school packs!

Boring isn't it ? Unless there's some nice music to listen to. And we have that!

Today we are adding several great offers in our shop:

  • Suntrip Starter Pack: 40€ instead of 50€
    - Filteria - Sky Input
    - VA - Apsara
    - Khetzal - Corolle
    - Filteria - Heliopolis
    - VA - Twist Dreams
  • Suntrip Starter Pack Extended: 65€ instead of 82€
    - Filteria - Sky Input
    - VA - Apsara
    - Khetzal - Corolle
    - Filteria - Heliopolis
    - VA - Twist Dreams
    - RA - 9th
    - Dimension5 - Transdimensional
    - VA - Opus Iridium


And guess what? We got our hands on a small stash of RA's To Sirius and Dimension5 - Second Phaze, and we thought they would fit well with those we released at Suntrip:


Let the sun shine in your ears!!!

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January 9, 2011 5:30 AM

2011 post fares

Remember what we think about the post in our country?

We got the 2011 fares. "A small rise, every year, like cigarettes you know", told me the person at the desk.

- Regular stamps prices (that we use when you order up to 4 cds) have risen by +5%.
- Parcels are between +15% and +25% more expensive depending on the region on the world your country is.
  But no problem since you had a 15% salary raise this year, right ?
- Noticeable decreases are for France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and the UK, provided you order more than 1kg of cds (that is >10 cds!).
- There's also a decrease for the whole middle east (Israël too natuallry) and for the USA (but not Canada) from 500grams (> 5 cds).

So, please don't be surprised, we cannot help it. On the contrary, as usual, we will commit on:

- applying srictly the post prices cent for cent (check them here, here and here),
- keeping packaging free for our customers,
- packaging in the format that is the cheaper,
- finding grouping solutions if needed.

OK back to music now. We have big announcements to make...

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February 1, 2010 12:50 AM

Shipping costs are!

It's going to be quite complicated, but that's worth it.

As we already explained here, the post prices in our country have outrageously increased in the last 3 years, making it the second most expensive Post service in Europe. In our business that's particulary terrible with one-CD orders (10€ in our shop): shipping to Europe in 2009 cost(ed) 5.40€ on top. To the rest of the world 6.30€. Did we already mention the Post makes more money than we do from our own business?

How can it be so much? Well, one jewel box CD is ~100 grams. With the enveloppe we're at 102 grams. So for one CD and an excess of 2 grams, we were forced to charge you for the 100-350 grams fare.There are aready workarounds: buying CDs by 2 or 3 to optimize stamps value (we have a calculator for that), or buying boxless CDs (one CD+artwork is only ~35 grams).

In order to maximize profit even more, the Post negociated with bookshops and supermarkets to let them do the stamping, while they would focus on their bank activities instead. Yes, we've been shipping your CDs from a bookstore since 2008 !
Problem is these retailers realized that was a lot of work for little money. And that little money was apparently still too much for the Post.

In France or Switzerland, there have been nice automats including a scale, a credit card reader and a change machine in every post office for years. However, to have them in our country, the Post needs to...invest!

So here's the masterplan: the Post decided to increase prices by 10% in 2010 (just like your salary, right)...unless you do the stamping yourself! You read it right, our stamps now have 2 values. If you buy them by ten or more, you pay them the 2009 price. Else, in a Post office or an outlet, or in small quantities, the 2010 price applies. To achieve that, our country's stamps no longer have a "facial value" written on them, but have a numeric "countervalue". For instance, shipping up to 350 grams in Europe requires 2 stamps with a little European flag and a number (3) on them.

Not to have our customers impacted by the increase we bought hundreds of stamps at the begining of the year when they finally got printed.


Now look, I said before the Post prices were especially bad when you purchased only one jewel box CD. Now we do the job ourselves, we are bound to use our own scale...that may have a small lack of precision. Something like +/- 2 grams...
Sure, there must be a weight control somewhere on the Post side, but not to have too much human intervention in the chain, there must be a margin of error. So thanks to the Post which though about everything, we're covered from the eventual lack of precision of our scale, which that was tested with a few promos.

So, starting today at Suntrip, shipping one jewel box CD to Europe is 2.70€ instead of 6€. To the rest of the World is 3.15€ instead of 6.90€. That's a decrease of 55% :) As for the other rates, we're already happy enough to keep them at the 2009 price.

Thanks for your attention.

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