January 1, 2014 12:00 AM

Happy new year in the sunshine!

The Suntrip team and its friends (Trance Dimensions, Neogoa, Shiva trance, DI.FM, 4CN Studios....) wish you a happy new year 2014!

There's no denying 2013 was a tough one, there were hardships, doubts, and eventually we achieved a wonderful year with some of our best releases to date (Nebula Meltdown, Filteria, Cosmic Dimension, Dimension 5...). Thanks to the artists who worked so hard to blow our minds.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who've supported me during the treatment of the cancer that's been striking me since march; from the artists who dedicated me their works (Xerxes, Filteria, Merr0w...) to those anonymous people who wrote us or expressed in person their concern and support. Respects, I can assure you it helped. Also, Anoebis, my partner in crime, rose up to the challenge of managing Suntrip all alone during 6 months. Hats off :)


Now, 2014 will mark the 10th birthday of Suntrip. This is amazing... When we started on July 17th 2004, we never thought we go this far. But our brillant artists and our awesome audience showed Goatrance was still in the trancer's hearts.

Now we are standing on 32 releases over 10 years of existence, and this calls for a celebration: We will be doing a Suntrip 10 years world tour! Details will follow soon but you can expect to see us in 2014 in Germany, Japan, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, UK, and more!


Apart from that, we'll be starting the year with E-Mantra's new album: Nemesis!

Magician Emanuel Carpus decided to experiment with new sounds and the result is a 7th album that goes back to his "Arcana" roots, but in a darker, twisted, melodic and superpsychedelic way! Oscillating between hypnotic & acidic themes, Nemesis won't let you breathe a second! A mindblowing experience.

We'll also release a special multi-CD celebration compilation with original uptempo and downtempo tracks and remixes of Suntrip artsts by Suntrip artists!!!!

We are also waiting for the wizards or RA to complete their new album...we're constantly in contact with them and we're very confident it will happen this year, at last!!!

Many other projects are in the pipe, and there's some we can't unveil just yet. But be confident we'll be doing our best to make you dance out of your mind this year again!


Thanks for your support, enjoy 2014.

fabien mars & anoebis.

PS: you can still benefit from the EOY for a few days, don't hesitate to visit our shop.

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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