Live acts & Djs

Damir Scasni
Belgrade, Serbia
Melodic Goa Trance

My psychedelic story began at the beginning of 21th century when I heard first sounds of Goa trance music, and I still remember first tracks that got my attention: Astral Projection – Kabalah and Mystica – Ashes to ashes!
The real magic happened in 2001. when I attended first goa open air party. I was 15 years old and Miranda was the perfect choice for the beginning of my trance career. After that I was seeking for more and got deeply in to psychedelic movement.
First DJ steps where made in Montenegro on a sand beach on summer 2003, but the real DJing began when I moved to Belgrade – Serbia and met DJ Pura at our college where we studied Audio & Video Technology. At that time I was member of Monolit crew, but in 2007 I left Monolit and joined Chaotic Beats org. with DJ Mozza and DJ Milos only few months after foundation.
Couple of years later I also joined Wicked Forest crew, guys who were responsible for one of the best illegal and official festivals and parties in Serbia. Together with them I managed to host and play along side with legends such as: Man With No Name, Total Eclipse, Hux Flux, KoxBox, M.O.S, Atmos, Human Blue, Allaby, Martian Arts, Sensient, Andromeda, Chromosome, Tegma, Altom, N.A.S.A, Dj Slater… I also had distinguishable performances at festivals such as: Wicked Forest (Jabuka, Serbia), Life Celebration (Pula, Croatia), Lost Theory (Draganj, Croatia), Balkan Goa Fanatics (Zagreb, Cratia) and EXIT (Novi Sad, Serbia).
Festivals caused huge impact on me and my music taste. My music style is characteristic, its based on psychedelic sound and high-quality production without boundaries. There is something about that, when you can play music for lots of people and share with them that positive energy and outstanding feeling. But there is no difference between on the stage and on the dance floor, it's the same, and I enjoy it both! ...oh, and yes, I am a festival freak, never get enough, summer is just to short for me...

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