Live acts & Djs

Eilam Raz
Tel Aviv, Israel
Melodic / Downtempo

Desert Phoenix is an israeli goa-trance dj, ready to conquer the holy land with what they love the most: melodic goa trance!!! :)

Eilam was born in 1986. he grow up in small moshav (Ein-yahav) in the Mediterranean arava at the negev desert in Israel. Since he was a Child he loved nature and traveling. At the age 13 he was travelling with some friends around the desert and as Fate wants, they came across a nature goa party. Eilam was immediately hooked and fell in love with the energy. After Eilam finished his army Service at the age 21 he started to work as a promoter in Moksha project (indigo / sun festival production) and a few years Later in 2010 he got involved with Psilosiva production crew. A little year later he even became one of the producers. His passion for goa-trance became bigger and bigger, which resulted in turntables at home, a cd-collection and his first gigs in Israel! In the summer of 2015 he played on the melodrama party for a huge crowd and the people loved him... Now he is ready to conquer Israel with his powerful melodic goa-trance!!

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