Live acts & Djs

Grant Camov
Melbourne, Australia
Crazy melodic psychedelic trance

The journey for Goasis all started in 2013 when some friends had finally convinced me to go to a Psychedelic Trance festival in Australia for the first time. Having not known much about the genre back then I was amazed by the energy that Transwave brought during their sunrise set at the party. Upon returning home weary-eyed but ultimately inspired, I decided to search deeper into the realm of Psychedelic Trance and found its 90’s precursor ‘Goa Trance’. Already a DJ at the time of various forms of electronic music, I started to add to my growing vinyl collection some Goa records which included Bass Chakra – 230,000 Miles E.P., Koxbox – Forever E.P. & Cwithe – Karmachanics. 

2014 saw the addition of many more classic Goa records to the collection & was a turning point in my love and passion for the genre. In the latter half of the year I uploaded my first Goa Trance mix which was well received & it gave myself extra motivation to keep collecting, discovering and mixing the style.

In the year that followed I decided to make the pilgrimage over to Europe to experience some true Goa parties and to see many Psychedelic Trance artists and DJ’s who don’t often tour the homeland. I was lucky enough to meet Kris Kylven of U.X. fame at the Croatian festival Balkan Goa Fanatics whose stories shared gave further inspiration on my journey within Psychedelic Trance culture worldwide. 

From the beginnings of my initial passion towards the music and the culture surrounding it, to today where my desire to keep finding new artists & releases within the genre is ever growing, I look forward to seeing what the future holds whilst representing Suntrip Records at home in the land of Oz and globally!
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