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Sydney, Australia
Melodic Goa Trance

* Real name Hakki (A lot of friends called me Hax. My goal is to play and produce traxx so it just kind of rolled off the tongue) - From Sydney
* Electronic music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. As a child I use to listen to underground radio stations and record them onto cassette, making sure to cut out the talking in between songs so the music on the cassette would just flow, well more cut from song to song. This was around the early 90’s and was basically beat music. Whether it was house or techno it didn’t matter to much at the time. I then experienced my first underground trance rave at age 13 and became fascinated with deejaying in 1994 at age 16 and around the same time I experienced my first psychedelic trance tunes after a friend returned home from Amsterdam. I was instantly encapsulated and the love for what eventually became known as Goa trance began. The sounds and arrangements I searched for became much more refined.
* Between late 96 and 2001 I played at some parties, clubs and small Australian doof parties between Sydney and Byron Bay. Always attending as many as I could even if I wasn’t playing at them. It was all about discovering the music.
* Between 2001 - 2018 I stopped playing for an audience completely. Still making private mixes for personal pleasures. Only in mid 2018 it really hit home that a big piece of my heart and soul was missing as I’d shut it out for so long, so I made the decision to submit myself to the universe and asked many questions regarding what to do and slowly the answers started to appear. I reconnected and decided to create Haxtraxx, shining the light again onto something I had previously switched off.
* Early 2019 I played my first party again in Byron Bay with some beautiful Belgian friends and the connection was instant. Shortly after I received an opportunity to play in my home city of Sydney. I formed Intergalactic productions in 2019 focusing on creating Goa trance events and started exploring music production in greater detail, something I wish to continue expanding on. In late 2019 together with a good friend we created the Goa trance Australia group to help spread and share the love for Goa trance in Australia.
* I love all styles of Goa trance and my sets will range from old skool flavour of psychedelic trance, nighttime dark Goa, full blown melodic and acidic Goa trance as well as a more modern Neogoa style. I’m completely humbled at the opportunity to represent Suntrip records and extremely excited and open to where this may lead. I thoroughly look forward to sharing the Suntrip records love into Australia and beyond.
Much love Hax !
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