Live acts & Djs

Ran Noama
Melodic Goa Trance

The story of Ran aka Istroobalica starts in 1994. He already came in touch with this magical music from the very beginning, when djs were still mixing with DAT Tapes in the forests of Israel!
Soon he started to collect this music and in 1995 he already played, as a 16 year old boy, in local goa-parties The positive energy and amazing atmosphere made him fall in love and because of that he collected goa trance ever since!. This resulted in a lot of gigs, not only in Israel but also in Thailand, USA, Nepal & Goa, India!
He took a break from dj-ing after 2000, but he restarted in 2015 with his friend Yossi. When Yossi moved to America, hestarted to play alone again, and things are getting better ever since!
He is now part of Suntrip Records and his love for old and modern goa-trance is still the same as during the early days!  Only difference? His huge musical collection that makes sure you will always rediscover amazing goodies from the early days.
Enjoy the magic of our Israeli wizard: Istroobalica!
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