Live acts & Djs

Jonny Sverrehed
Melodic Goa Trance

DJ LURFILUR (Suntrip Records/Timewarp Records)

Behind this alter ego is a Swedish small town boy whos life, in the early 90's, got hi-jacked by electronic music. His real name is Jonny Sverrehed and has been active with various events and music festivals in Sweden. Jonny got in touch with goa trance in early 1995 and this took his interest even deeper in the fantastic world of psychedelic trance. In the late 90´s Jonny got hooked in euro trance and became a club DJ at small local clubs and as late as in 2005 he was more known as "Lurfilur" in the Swedish psychedelic trance scene and he also begun playing at private psytrance and forests parties. Lurfilur also have a past as an psytrance, goa, techno and ambient music producer between 1997-2007. Because of his solid musical interest and different DJ-alias the influences for his music selections are many, such as tribal, techno, progressive house/trance, electronic body music and of course psychedelic trance. Each of these styles has however consistently common denominator, namely Lurfilur´s "four basic elements' that are of great importance , they are adding a (1.) monotonous and (2.) aggressive due but giving the whole an (3.) uplifting and (4.) euphoric feeling. In 2008 Jonny moved to Gothenburg at the Swedish west coast where he soon became label DJ for Connected Network, an psytrance organizer with main focus on fullon and psychedelic trance. In 2014 he joined up with the goa trance label Timewarp Records and today, one year later I was asked to join Suntrip Records which I gladly accepted.

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