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Alex Vargyasi
Melodic Goa Trance

Metaverse (Alex Vargyasi) is one of the pioneers from the younger generation in Hungary who keeps the spirit of goa trance alive. He is one of the founders of the hungarian party organization called Lunar 604 events, who resurrected goa trance from ashes at the local party scene.

In the year of 2010 He discovered the psychedelic scene and immediately got hooked on it!  He was amazed by the variety of sounds and melodies that one genre can offer, but the true eye opening experience came when he heard Anoebis for the first time playing goatrance at Transylvaliens festival.

A few years later, getting more and more knowledge about goatrance he started a dj career but playing goatrance as a DJ wasn’t enough to ressurect this style in Hungary. In 2017 he started to organize private underground events with limited attendees with a concept of creating „oldschool parties atmosphere” playing mostly oldschool fullon music (due it was more easy to reach people by this genre).

When he got enough reputation in the local party scene he founded a new organization team with his friend, called Lunar 604 events only dedicated to goatrance. After one year with several parties they put goatrance back on the map of the hungarian psychedelic scene and having full house parties with 300-400 people. Since that goatrance rises in Hungary again.

Metaverse has a wide variety of music selection skills, and always focusing on a balanced storyline. He likes to start his sets with harder, blasting, twisting vibes then moving forward to a more melodic ending which serves the perfect energies for a sunrise set.

Also, contacting with the audiance during gigs is really important for him: He tries to create an atmoshphere where everybody is similing, jumping, and flying with the energetic vibes of the music.

Metaverse main mission is to show his audiance what goa trance can offer nowadays and thats why he likes to play oldschool and newschool tracks equally.
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