Live acts & Djs

Thomas Joris
Psychedelic Trance

Thomas Joris, aka Payba, is a young Belgian goa-trance dj, specialising in more acidic and psychedelic goa-trance! 

The musical virus caught him at the age of 17 playing in his own blues rock band. Eventually he found his way into the world of goa trance after visiting the Antaris festival with some of his friends. Albeit it took him a while to really grasp this kind of music, it were artists like Man With No Name, Astral Projection and Total Eclipse who inspired him to dig deeper.

He started to collect cds, which resulted in dj-ing later on. Last few years he is playing more and more on Belgian underground events, and he is becoming known for his unique style of music! Often a bit darker, acidic and a bit more experimental goa-trance, but sometimes with a melodic twist as well! You will see he is well worth being a part of Suntrip!
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