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Sandro Fortunati
Melodic Goa Trance

This dj from Switzerland, loves to give you a journey through the history of Goa & Psychedelic trance music playing goa-trance tracks from the 90‘s until today! They look at the act of Dj-ing as a shamanic ritual and a powerful excange of energy!

This is how he describes it: I first came in touch with Goa Music and Goa Parties back in 2000, when there was a Party close to where I lived. At first, I didn't like the music, but this changed immediately when I listened to Oldschool/ Goatrance from 95/96 that was so very different than the then-popular Full-On. 
I bram over with enthusiasm and stuck up on records. Since many of my friends shared my enthusiasm, it didn't take long and we shared a small room and organized our first familiar parties. At the same time I cut my teeth on record pkayer and CD pitcher. I found that mixing up music was a great pleasure to me. A few years later when all my friends took different roads (some to Elektro, others to Minimal), I met Mario and Green Spirit, to whose Staff I belong since 2012. 
I'm honoured to say that I've been a member of Suntrip Records since Winter 2013. 
Most of all I like playing fast, toxic beats at night, larded with Acid and melancholic melodies. But I also like playing emotional morning sets. 
My musical collection goes from Acid Goa of 1995 up to more recent music of 2014, which certainly doesn't stand back on older music by any means.
What I dislike is Full-On and I certainly don't like minimal Progressive...
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