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Suntrip Records is a Franco-Belgian record label, releasing Goa trance and melodic Psychedelic trance. Suntrip Records was set up in the summer of 2004 by Fabien "Mars" Marsaud, one of the founders of the website and Jos "Anoebis" Vranken, a famous Belgian DJ and party-organiser. They met for the first time in 2000, for a party gathering members of, then met regularly, sharing the same love for melodic Goa trance.

Because they wanted to create an alternative to Full on psychedelic releases, they started talking about creating a label in 2002, so as to produce new Goa trance releases like in the years 1995-1998, but with modern production.

They knew the time had come when they discovered the amazing sound of Filteria in the late 2003.

In 2017, Chris Ouwe Gouwe, one of the Old Is Gold / Trance Dimensions / Fractal Gate parties organizers, and long time Suntrip accountant and advisor, joined this core team to take care of the bookings activity, 604bookings.

Suntrip is an official Belgian company (Vennootschap Onder Firma). Its office is situated in Ghent.


Over the past years, Suntrip has produced close to 60 Goa, Psychededelic and Ambient albums and compilations with nearly 100 artists, and some of them have become key figures to the dancefloors!

Suntrip usually differs from most records labels releasing Psychedelic trance with its very melodic music. Some releases are closer to Dark genres with "Ka-Sol - Fairytale", and Ambient genres with "Electrypnose - Sweet Sadness" albums.


Suntrip CD releases are distributed wordwide by BeatSpace, from Milano, Italy, and spread digitally on all online stores thanks to LabelWorx from Kingston Upon Hull, UK.



Showing alternatives to nowadays' psy-trance scene, Suntrip mainly focuses on melodic psychedelic trance. Any other original ideas, like morning progressive, ambient, ethnic, are welcome too.

For more infos, feel free to consult the FAQ.
The Crew
Suntrip is not just Joske Anoebis, Fabien and Chris. We are a team of enthousiast Goa-lovers in the mean time! We are Goa-fanatics from all over the world and every one of us is dedicated to making the Goa-movement stronger!
The one thing we all do together is compile new CDs through careful listening and voting!
Besides, each one of us has specific tasks: If you need to contact us, please check who is responsible for what below!

Nitterveldstraat 1
B-9681 Nukerke-Maarkedal

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