Live acts & Djs

Bruno Filizola
Recife, Brazil
Melodic Goa Trance

Guided by a sense of rebirth and to rescue the culture of Goa-Trance the world and especially in Brazil, the music producer Bruno Filizola has always been immersed in the Gnostic theories and taken by the breath of cosmic destiny.

In 2002 he created the project Astrancer, at a moment the style was becoming obscure, but with the determination to make it rise again.

The name Astrancer arose from the merger of transcendence astral, totally appropriate for the mission given!

One of the main features of Astrancer are the surrounding melodies, space, ethnic and spiritual, a pulsating rhythm making a total connection between the body (our temple) and soul (the invisible world).!/profile.php?id=558432522
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