Battle Of The Future Buddhas

Country: Sweden
Style: Dark Forest Psytrance
Categories: Live

Battle of the Future Buddhas started making trance music in 1993 or 94 under the names Deviate and Afterglow. We were 3 in the beginning but sometimes had more people on stage on various gigs in our hometown Uppsala but the original members who made the music were always Magnus Bladh, Johan Rosén and David Tingsgård. Robin Kvisler was part of the band for a while, as support.
We eventually found out that other bands were called Deviate, so we changed name to Afterglow. Then we found out that other bands were called Afterglow and we changed the name to something no other band could possibly call themselves. Johan had read an article in Times magazine called Battle of the Future Buddhas and we laughed at that and thought it sounded weird and unique enough.
We made ourselves a name on the DAT market by spreading our music and going to Goa. Our influences came from the swedish forest and the parties made by Djs Ulf and Jonas of Örebro Underground.
In 96 we got in touch with BooM! Records of Netherlands who signed us right away and after some compilations we got a deal for an album, the infamous Twin Sharkfins which is considered as something of a classic in the genre.
We had releases on Kavator Records and Superstring as well and a second album on BooM! called Demonoizer.
David also founded the label Schlabbaduerst ReKkords to promote the releases of Buddhas and friends including Ka-Sol, Zoon, Marchaos, Fripic Bounce, Rickard and Robert of Vibrasphere, Zooboreal, Skomm and more.
Before the release of Demonoizer Johan had more or less dropped off and Magnus made less and less music. There was some downtime for the band and many thought we had quit, but David still played on a few times every year and there was about one Schlabbaduerst compilation every year up until 2005.
The split CD with Ka-Sol “Masters of Outhouse” released on Devils Minds Records in 2010 confirmed that the “masters” were back however (never left the scene really) and a more hectic period started again, with the self-release of old material on Digging Mud and Urban Legends produced by David (Schabbaduerst), as well as tracks on various compilations including Chronicle of Mystery Records and Treetrolla to name a few. (Please check for a complete discography).
Chronicle of Mystery Records released the album “Everything” in 2015, and with the revival of old school goa trance and the mixsets by David (as D-Dave) from old DAT tapes, a lot more gigs started happening, livesets with Buddhas, “versus” live acts with Ka-Sol, and D-Dave DJ sets.
More releases are planned. The future looks bright.