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July 12, 2020 5:57 PM

Presenting Triquetra - Human Control

Hi Suntripppers,

We hope you are safe, wherever you are!

Today is a special day as we're opening the second half of the year in force!

Triquetra is a brillant twin duo from Belgium who's been all the rage over the past two years. After the release of their debut "Ecstatic Planet", their uptempo and downtempo performances powered by a unique analog/didgeridoo gear made a big impression in festivals like Apsara, ZNA, and as far as Japan or more recently in streaming parties!

Today Suntrip presents their second album, "Human Control" which depicts all the new directions they've been exploring, and goes to the essence of analog-driven raving & boogieing!
The first CD is a studio album packed with melodies, and oniric strings overlaid with mind-melting acid lines! You are propelled to the boundaries of Goatrance, sometimes even grazing 90's UK Acid Trance!
The second CD showcases some of Triquetra's best live moments all around the world! The focus is clearly trance & dance, with an extra dose of spiralling landcapes, and didgeridoo dronings and organic sounds incursions all over the place!

Now is the time to rush to the release page and enjoy the extracts !!!

You wanted it? You got it: Triquetra just hung a new frame in Goatrance's subgenres Hall of Fame! Enjoy!
You'll also be delighted to know this double album was carefully mastered by Tim Schuldt with a specific care on the dynamics. Last but not least "Human Control"'s design was overseen by Rodolpho Morais and marks Suntrip's launch of its new packaging style!

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April 13, 2020 4:42 PM

Happy Easter, here's a special deal!

Happy Easter for all Suntrip & goa-trance lovers!

Because so many of us are in quarantine now, we did a special Suntrip deal!
Like this, you can dance for several weeks in your living room!





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March 16, 2020 5:44 PM

Your 5 minutes of happiness with Clementz

In those times of dire uncertainty, in those times where people are locked down into their appartements, getting grimer news reports every passing hour, we believe it's important to find balance. Entertainment. Happiness.

At Suntrip, we are sill totally commited to release the best Goatrance and give you that touch of happiness!

After nearly 20 compilation tracks, the melody wizard Clementz from Oslo has completed his debut album "Kretsløp" to be released next month.

"Kretsløp" is Norwegian for "circulation", like in the biological cycle. It emphasizes the deep link we have with the nature and our universe!

This is a crazy brillant album full of twists and melodies, like a norwegian landscape, or like a comet scrolling through space.

Wherever you are, we now invite you to have a good time with the extracts we are releasing today :)


Be safe.

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February 11, 2020 4:48 PM

The Suntrip family welcomes Hypnoxock !

Hello Suntrippers from all horizons!
It is with great pleasure that we're welcoming Hypnoxock akaVictor SolSona from Bacelona to our family!

Victor no newcomer: he has made the dancefloors jump for more than 10 years and has already released with plenty of labels.

"Beyond The wormhole" is his 6th album, and he delivers a blend of experimental sounds, crazy vibes, and playful melodies with a funky edge, Hypnoxock shows yet another facet to Goatrance.

We are going to release the album on February 24th, and you can already listen to the extracts on the release page. Welcome to Hypnoxock's ship into the Wormhole!

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January 2, 2020 3:54 AM

2020 it is!

Writing that title made me think of Star Wars...And oh yeah 2019 was certainly like that, adventurous and bumpy, and also exhexhilaratingilarating, with our 15th birthday and plenty of festivals and parties throughout the planet!

Without forgetting...

  • Psylent Buddhi
  • Total Eclipse
  • Median Project
  • Battle Of The Future Buddhas
  • Sykespico
  • Celestial Intelligence
  • MFG

We released 7 amazing albums, a true mix of oldschool and newschool thanks to our incredible artists, some of which will certainly be remembered in the Goa Trance Hall Of Fame! We're so proud to be working with those guys who worked countless hours in their studio to make you dance arms in the air, that's so beautiful!

By the way we have a product available in our shop with those seven gems! Click here.


So, what's up our sleeve in 2020 ?

Well, first the second edition of the Apsara Festival, with plenty of new ideas and artists. Chek our announcements on Facebook and on apsara-festival.com.


On the releases front, we are set on releasing an album by the spanish rising star Hypnoxock, and another one from the norwegian genius Clementz! You'll be surprised with both.

And then? And then we don't know. Mindsphere might be ready with the 3rd part of "Mental Triplex", Triquetra or Filteria might nbe too, who knows ? Maybe we'll also have some surprise :)

We wish you a stunning year 2020 and the best health you can imagine! Keep Suntripping :)

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December 16, 2019 4:29 AM

Christmas present incoming: MFG - Pure Energy !!!

Hello Suntrippers,

2019 was certainly a fantastic year for Goa music, with plenty of parties and plenty of mindblowing releases (and not only ours). We've been all hot and bothered all year long and it passed too fast!

And we couldn't finish it without releasing this little gem : MFG - Pure Energy

MFG aka Aharon Segal & Guy Zukrel need no introduction. Since the early days of goa-trance, this magical duo is spreading their Message From God!
After more then a decade, Aharon Segal returned in 2019 to the goa-trance scene. Going through their old DAT tapes the duo discovered some long hidden gems. To celebrate MFG’s reunion in full force, Suntrip & MFG teamed up to release a compilation of those unreleased 90’s tracks, early versions, remixes & rare tracks….a must have for all goa lovers!

You may support the artists and buy it from your usual shops including Bandcamp or our own shop.


And as our 15 Year tour comes to an end, we are celebrating it with a crazy party: MFG release party by Old Is Gold in Antwerp, Belgium, featuring MFG of course, but also Cosmosis, Chakra, Mindsphere, and Anoebis & Lynx !!! That's going to be a blast and we can't wait to celebrate our (cough) 20 years in...2024 !!


Right now we are working thoroughly on the 2020 edition of the Apsara Festival in Romania, so we may slow down on the releases output for a while. Yet we already have 2 nice albums in store for you. More about that on our next post :)

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November 8, 2019 11:08 AM

Announcing Celestial Intelligence's 2nd album "Incandescent"

Hi all !

After four years of hard work Celestial Intelligence are back with another super melodic album: "Incandescent"!

Since their debut "Perpetual Energy", they have been carefully designing their second album, paying attention on each single layer in tracks, and belive us there is plenty of them. In last few years they have tested how it works on a dancefloor, and what proves their constant improvment are bookings on the biggest festival such as Boom, ZNA, and Apsara festival where they delivered pure melodic sensation and made people fly.

This is one of those albums where you listen them in one breath! Constant flow of trippy uplifting melodies, powerful bass lines and absolutly classic celestial climaxes. Each track brings goosebumps, while you swimm trough emotional morning vibes spiced with twisted acid sounds. In this new wave of modern Goa trance, they successed to make their own stamp and deliver reconizable sound which makes you dance like nobody is watching :)

You can listen to the samples on the release page and pre-order it there or on Bandcamp !

Note: like we warned on social networks, the official worldwide release date has been pushed from November 11th to November 25th due to a pressing issue. Yet we will send the CD to those who have pre-ordered it one week earlier on November 18th.

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October 2, 2019 2:19 AM

Sykespico - Perspective is released !

That's it: Sykespico's debut album: "Perspective" is just out!

It will seriously ram your mind with analogic warfare!!! Now you can get the album as a CD on Bandcamp or our own shop, or the "digital edition" with longer tracks on our shop!

Check the samples here!

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September 24, 2019 5:14 PM

Yes we're Boom Ambassadors again!

Dear Suntrippers, dear Boomers,

Yes, for the 5th or 6th edition in a row, Suntrip was chosen to be Boom Ambassadors!
Like 2 years ago, we'll sell tickets to Belgium and Luxembourg residents only. You'll be limited to 5 tickets per request.

The difference this year is that the ambassador sales will take place on October 1st, one week before the mainstream sales. Two years ago we got 500 emails and phone calls during the first night so it will definitely be worse this time. Although we still don't know what our quota is at the time of the writing of this post...

Because of that we've stopped answering to everyone individually, and we created an online form that will be accessible from October 1st 09:00 CET on https://boom2020.suntriprecords.com .

If you call or write us (email, messenger, sms) asking for tickets, we'll invite you to go to the online form.
Also, be aware that this is me (fabien) taking care of this matter at Suntrip, and I'm behind the french phone number and the email address you can see on Boom's ambassador list, so if you reach out to Joske Anoebis, he will redirect you to me (or rather to the online form).

The process is fairly easy: from the moment the form is available, you can choose the amount of adults & kids tickets and you need to give a contact email. Then 2 things can happen:

  • either you are within our quota and you are redirected to a second page where you can fill in the details of each boomer (first name, last Name, birthdate, gender, email, country of birth, country of residence, whether you require disability or deaf community access -- you won't even have to do it straight away, from the moment you pass the first page, your request is duly recorded) and you'll be invited to pay via bank transfer or paypal. We'll issue your ticket(s) once we receive the payment.
  • or you'll be placed in a waiting list - first come, first served and when tickets get freed (lack of payment usually) you'll be, here again, invited to fill in the guests identities.

Note: like usual, we are not taking any "reservation" in advance.

In the meantime, you can read Boom's tickets infos and terms and conditions.

Now something very important: Boom stopped physical tickets after the 2014 edition, so our role as ambassadors has an increased focus on answering whichever question you may have, would it be logistic, health related, kids related, music related, etc. And for this, we'll be happy to take your calls/emails naturally :)

See you in one week !

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September 11, 2019 3:35 AM

Back to school with Sykespico's album

If you followed up our last VA’s, you’ll be as thrilled as us for releasing Sykespico's debut album: "Perspective" to be released end of september / early october 2019!

Behind this powerful melodic project are Matan Levi & Nadav Elhadad, from south Israel who have been producing for nearly 15 years and released tracks and an EP on Global Sect, Zion604 and Suntrip.

With "Perspective", they carefully selected and engineered a complete multifacetted intelligent and resourceful story that will energize your brain both in your sofa and on the dancefloor.

The duo starts softly with "Great Light", an aerial track, a buildup in itself full of progressive influences with a massive break that must have lifted plenty of desert dust in the past!
Following up, "Psycho Therapy" is a different story, still with an aerial feeling, but gradually leaving way to more mechanical melodic synthetic atmospheres!
"Trancologia" and "6EQJE5" propel you in the core of the album as they smell of those underground parties where you let go and free yourself totally on the dancefloor. Massive leads come and grab you to only release you with an ultimate funky twist!
If you like melodies, be prepared because "Concerta" and its whacking rhythmic packs a crazy whole lot of them...chirping, holwing, twirling, rollercoasting!
The "Visit Earth" we released on "The 50th Parallel" was rather atmospheric, but wait for the supercharged "Live Mix" that Sykespico prepared for "Perspective": you stand no chance as the track acts as a neuron booster with plenty of fx and melodic surprises. And in case you're still standing, "Dance Float" gives you a final treatment with a rhythmic convoy of battleships hammering the surface of your brain and explosive melodies!
Sykespico can't deny their israeli goatrance influences with "Spacestation": the duo shows their incredible skills with this spinning-top of a track that has been crafted like it's constantly accelerating and decelerating especially to blow your mind!!
Many awesome albums end with a semi-downtempo track and that's the case here with "Perlimor Star", an electronic echo of birds of paradise across the vastness of the universe...

Matan and Levi show it's possible to be both poets and goatrance producers. Follow their path through their ode to imagination: "Perspective"!

Check the samples here!

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