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January 26, 2016 1:31 PM

SUNCD39 Will be Mindsphere's

You've certainly already read about it on social networks, our next release, due in the first half of February will be the new Mindpshere album.
For the impatient ones, you may directly jump to the extracts here :)
Mindsphere, one of today’s big maestros of melodic old school influenced goa-trance is back with the first installment of a trilogy!
Ali Akgun, from Turkey, is already known from his earlier albums on Suntrip and Metapsychic Records. But now, he started with his Magnus Opus. A cd-trilogy with the name "Mental Triplex"! This release is part one called "Presence". It unfolds a spiritual journey into the power of old school goa melodies!
Soon, part 2, "Seclusion" will be a peaceful ambient voyage, while "Beyond" will focus on other colorful dimensions and spaces!
"Presence" took Ali almost 2 years to write... And you can hear that. The harmonies and melodic structures are of a unique quality! The album builds with some old school oriental influenced uplifting tracks… Followed by more powerful storming goa-monsters to rip the dancefloor apart. The last part of the album makes you land in a blisfull morning! Deep, entrancing subtle morning music to float like never before! 
Like usual, you know what to expect from Suntrip. High quality modern goa-trance for a melody-loving crowd!
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January 1, 2016 10:04 AM

Happy new year 2016

Suntrip wishes you a happy new year 2016.
May it bring you joy, health and stunning music !!!
Hopefully the leap year's extra day will help us release all the music we have in store :)
By the way, here is a glimpse of the Denshi Danshi performance at the Odyssey party on December 31st.
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December 23, 2015 11:10 PM

Christmas sales @ Suntrip

Our special Suntrip Records Christmas and new years sales are now online! They will go on untill the 15th of january. What special things you can expect from us this time!? smile emoticon


Please, support the artists and the labels... Support goa-trance!


NB: all orders passed these days will be shipped on January 2dn. Sorry for the inconvenience.



smile emoticon


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December 12, 2015 12:00 PM

Infos about Boom Festival 2016 "Ambassador" tickets


For the 2016 edition, Boom have stated that only 33.333 tickets would be available, therefore, people have rushed on the First and Second tickets sale phases, which are now sold out, and Boom is only able to sell full price (180€) tickets from now on.

Your only chance to get cheaper tickets (150€) remain the Ambassadors, AND the good news is we'll be Ambassadors for the Boom Festival 2016 for the third time. That means you'll be able to buy some Boom tickets from our online shop...from February 23rd to July 13th 2016 !

And as expected, we're flooded with reservation requests :) DAMN!

The Boom organization is duly aware of that and have told us they can accept reservations provided you give us BEFORE DECEMBER 15th:

  • The complete name of each attendee
  • Their ID number (valid ID card that they will have to show at the gates)
  • A valid email address for each, where to send the e-ticket
  • Whether or not you'll want to use the Boom bus (from Lisbon or Madrid usually)


Some attention points:

  • The ambassadors' list is here, and you can see there's a sales point in The Netherlands this time, so we'd be grateful if you could liaise with them if you're from these countries. In other words we'll be happy to serve future Boom attendees from Belgium (and Luxemburg, OK, OK).
  • We gave a french phone number, sorry for that, but one of us lives in France and the other who's in Belgium wouldn't be able to answer you due to the constraints of his real life job.
  • So, please don't hesitate to write us instead on boom@suntriprecords.com , we'll answer QUICK.
  • By the time we have paper tickets, please don't come knocking at our address in Gent, that's our office, not a physical shop. That's why it's not on the list and why you'll have to buy from our online shop.

Hopefully, everything will be all right ;)
Cheers !

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November 26, 2015 2:27 PM

So where's RA, where's Mindsphere, where's 2016 ?


Suntrip is not only about shiny new CDs every other month, we're also striving to expand our goa vision to places where no psytrance has gone before :) And that means more partnerships, more merchandising, more promos listening, more travelling, and unfortunately, more paperwork... all this dragged us behing in terms of schedules, and I can tell there will be no more release in 2015.

But wait, that's for the greater good:

- In case you haven't seen, we have opened our Instagram account (search suntriprecords) that we first tested at the Connection festival, and a bunch of nice people have volunteered to help us with Youtube, Facebook, keeping up with everyone's parties, etc... and we might reveal some big news soon too.

- New Merchandising is coming very soon: new tshirts, hoodies, superb laptop sticker lids, just in time for christmas gifts :)

- Another important info, we'll be proud to be Boom festival Ambassadors for the third time for the 2016 edition. Guess what? Crossing Mind (FR) and Aneobis (BE) will be playing there in front of 33333 people !!!

- Still craving for some awesome Goa-Trance before christmas ? OK go and buy IFO @ DAT Records (out Dec 4th), this is simply the reissue of the best Goatrance album of all times...and Mind Rewind 3 is coming in the next weeks too.


Now the forthcoming releases:

There were quite un bunch of twists and turns about the RA album. 2015 or not ? A few months ago I wrote we were fairly certain it would happen in 2015. Alas, that won't be the case. Long story short, it's progressing, but very slowly and you'll have to wait a little more to see the RA uptempo trilogy complete :) Richpa/Neogoa is working on the artwork.

In the meantime, we've got a tracklist from Mindsphere and Ali is pushing his latest touches to his new album. The artwork is being done by the Mimesis Crew from Spain, and we're pretty sure this is going to be our next release, in the very first weeks of 2016. Hint: this album may have a couple of sequels :)

Very soon too, we'll be releasing a ToïDoï album in collaboration with DAT records. Once again, long story short, Federico from DAT was so busy that his ToïDoï album project was running late. He agreed that we take over. We had several discussions with Gilles ToïDoï on the phone in the past weeks, we proposed him a contract and it's all looking good :) Expect "Psychedelic Home"-like madness !!! Oh I feel very inspired to do the artwork of this one.

Crossing Mind is about ready and we HAVE to release his new 2xCD opus before Boom of course :)

Morphic Resonance nearing album completion too !

Imba as well !

Merr0w as well !!

not mentioning Cosmic Dimension just sent us 2,5 hours music...

and I'm hearing about K.O.B. regularly

and we're also collecting great compilation material

and there will be a couple of surprises too...


...beyond the question whether it's doable or not, is it even sane to release so much great music in just one year ??? We'll see :)

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November 16, 2015 1:46 AM

"Fluctuat Nec Mergitur"

Hello. At Suntrip our goal has always been to make people happy and united, despite the too many ordeals and wars surrounding us.
Being Belgian and French, we have witnessed our countries being struck one after the the other by acts of terror perpetrated by groups of people whose sole interest is domination through fear and obscurantism.
Oh we well know other countries are suffering a lot more: actually DJ Anoebis is a "godsdienst" teacher during weekdays, in a school welcoming kids coming from warzones, and he helps his pupils be open minded about cultures and religions despite the suffering they've been through. Needless to say we have the matter at heart.
The terrorists in Paris targetted that typical parisian crowd remaking the world on cafés' terraces, and the audience of a music concert. Being also party promoters, we are revolted by such hatred, and are sending our deepest sympathies to the families of those who died standing up for ideas and culture.
We are naturally afraid of what may be ahead of us, yet we will keep on doing our bit to make people dance, and unite them beyond borders, beyond religions, beyond any prejudice man can imagine.
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October 23, 2015 10:53 AM

Night Hex - Viziuni Nocture : the Halloween release

Those who are reading our blog know that there should have been a release in September before Denshi Danshi. Unfortunately we faced slight production issues related to the fact it's a Maxi CD.
Anyway, it's solved now, and we are proud to release at last "Night Hex - Viziuni Nocture".
Night Hex is the alter ego of E-Mantra, but this is different… slower, deeper, more progressive, more atmospheric and a little darker.
Ever since his latest release, Echoes from the Void, Emmanuel Carpus had questions about the best track on this cd under his name Night Hex. This inspired him to make a mini-album with this kind of music… A mini-album? Yes! As Suntrip is about old school, let’s go back to the golden 90s, when flat jewel case cd-singles were still a part of the scene! 
The music on this cd is different from earlier E-Mantra work… He likes to call it next level darker progressive with melodies and hypnotic dreamy sounds. And that sums it all up!
The opener is a massive atmospheric melodic 125 bpm tune, getting you in a deep dream state immediately. Sleep Paralysis is funkier and is followed by the most up-tempo track on the mini-album: Distorted Visions. It is 132 bpm and has blissful melodies all over the place… Ninive is a remix of his older track on Arcana. It is more sinister and darkish but holds the special melodies and power of the original! The final track, Katharsis, is 110 bpm downtempo and it has sublime, joyful melodies all along!
Enjoy the music :)
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October 8, 2015 12:13 AM

Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics is relased !

And here it is!! This is a great day :)

Denshi Danshi have been around for 20 years; the French veterans worked with the likes of Blue Planet corporation and held a central role during the POF label existence.

Their tracks offer a mixture of melodic and hypnotic Goatrance with surprising breaks and acidic twists gallantly breathed by their all-analog gear.
Completely non-standard and fully danceable, “Fluid Dynamics” will amaze you and drive you nuts on the dancefloor.
Time to rush on our shop now, which has great samples, and as usual: Enjoy the music :)
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September 21, 2015 4:26 AM

Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics

Hello dear Suntrippers,

We're only a couple of weeks before you can meet a bunch of our artists at the Connection Festival near Seville, Spain.

If you see us there, please come say hello and let's spend some good time together.


Now some very important news: due to manufacturing issues, the Night Hex (E-Mantra side project) CDS is postponed to mid-October. But don't be deceived because we've swapped it on the schedule with a truly wonderful release, namely Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics !

Denshi Danshi have been around for 20 years; the French veterans worked with the likes of Blue Planet corporation and held a central role during the POF label existence.

Their tracks offer a mixture of melodic and hypnotic Goatrance with surprising breaks and acidic twists gallantly breathed by their all-analog gear.
The album starts with the floating “Dancing Shiva” that ends in a boiling climax! Next is the Live remix of the “Mariposa” track released in 96 with POF with extra crazy acid drifts!!! Flash forward, “Fluid Dynamics” was produced only a couple of months ago. This pack of energetic rhythmic & acidic lines is evidence that Christophe & Saïd are still full of resources!
For those new to the scene, we are releasing a true jewel, the re-mastered version of “Feed The Mugwumps”, one of the most recognizable tracks of 97. Tribal, jumpy to the core, and full of killer acid lines that will make you howl on the dancefloor!!!
Then “Vanaspati” offers a typical French oldschool scene feeling, before “Make Make” and “…The Ladder” blow your brain away with an avalanche of melodies and ecstatic twirls!
“Mars Base Alpha” keeps your body hot with a remarkable drive, before “Tsuki” tears you apart with its manic acid loops and syncopated rhythmic!
“Maelstrom” carries on as another one of those surprising crazy tunes at the crossroads of acid, tribal techno and goatrance with cheeky breaks.
“Kraft Karamel” completes the album with a deep, hypnotic, warm, sci-fi downtempo atmosphere.
Completely non-standard and fully danceable, “Fluid Dynamics” will amaze you and drive you nuts on the dancefloor. Welcome back, Denshi Danshi!
--- Samples will be online shortly !!!
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September 8, 2015 11:16 PM

Some new stuff in our Suntrip shop!! :)

So, the summer is over... This means, more music!! :) We just finalised all for our next 2 releases:

SUNCD38: Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics
SUNCDEP01: Night Hex - Viziuni Nocturne

They will be released in the beginning of october! 
More info about this soon... :)

In the mean time we can offer more goa-trance from other labels! We just got some new stuff in stock from our Japanese friends of Rajas Records, releasing weird & twisted goa trance!

VA - Integration of the Cave

Besides this we offer almost the full catalogue of our partners of Zion604 Records as well now! :) 

Skizologic - Robotized
Skizologic - Remind
Radical Distortion - 12 Dimensions
VA - Scandi 90s
VA - Scandi 90s II - The Viking Returns
VA - The Kingdom
VA - Phoenix
VA - Flight 604 II

And to finalise, we also have a big classic back in stock... Dimension 5 - Second Phaze!! Only 10 sealed items, so don't wait too long! :) 

Posted by: Anoebis
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