July 4, 2010 2:34 PM

Summer holidays

After a lot of Energy and a lot of Chaos, it's time to refresh ourselves, get back with our families and enjoy simple and peaceful moments.

Yeah we're going to live up our name, and travel in sunny countries, but you won't see us in any festival around. Still, don't hesitate to say hello to those who really make your day...day after day:

- 2010-07-01 KhetzaL at the Hadra Trance Festival, Lans en Vercors, France
- 2010-07-16 Filteria and K.O.B. in Cosmos Dance Festival, near Moscow, Russia
- 2010-07-17 Filteria and Goasia in Antaris Project festival, Stölln Germany
- 2010-07-23 Nebula Meltdown in Manatargaq, Kauksi, Estonia
- 2010-07-30 Filteria in Magical Forest, secret Sweden
- 2010-07-31 PharaOm and Shakta at Shape Shifters & Occultrance Festival, Belgium
- 2010-08-06 Filteria in Melisma @ Clustret, Stockholm, Sweden
- 2010-08-07 Goasia in Freedom Power Festival Vol.4, Moscow, Russia
- 2010-08-12 Artifact303, E-Mantra/Eleusyn, Goasia in Return to Goa festival, Romania
- 2010-08-18 Filteria in Boom Festival, Idanha a Nova lake, Portugal
- 2010-09-04 Antares at Lost in the Light, Belgium
- 2010-09-17 Filteria at the Phototropic Bday part, Wien, Austria
- 2010-09-23 E-Mantra in Psy Files - Journey to lycia 2 / Fethiye, Turkey

For those who are willing to order at our shop, you may do so until Thursday July 8th midnight CET. Then we'll be back at the end of the month.


One more thing...

As you know, with us quality goes above everything else. At this very moment, a handful of our artists are working on their album with no deadline whatsoever :) So right now, we cannot tell who what and when will be our next uptempo release.

But we can tell  you about our next downtempo release, because... SUNCD20 wil be an Ambient album! We already worked with this artist and we're big fans of his music, so we're very happy this is happening. We believe it's going to be a very surprising album.

We'll update you in August...in the meantime, we wish you a really wonderful Summer!!!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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