October 7, 2010 3:20 AM

What's in store for this Autumn


We want to thank you for the warm reviews of Electrypnose's Sweet Sadness. We're pleased you also like the Ambient music we're promoting and we hope there will be more. This was a long anticipated one, and Electrypnose was the right man with the right music.

Please know that the DivByZero webradio is organizing an event on this release on Friday 8th 20:0 CET.


Along with Electrypnose's, you may have noticed we put up on our store 3 more releases from partner labels:
- GMO vs Dense - Through Other Glasses (Altar rec, Ambient)
- Goasia - Dancing with the Blue Spirit (Kagdila, Goa)
- VA - Pure Planet 4 (Kagdila, Goa)

These are all excellent release, so please make sure to have a look!

As for the represses, please be patient, they're coming up soon.


More music?
OK, Here's a gift mix from DJ Anoebis. It's called Warm Blanket, and it's just up to its name: between 130-138 BPM music, trancy and deep... Human Blue, Noma, Third Eye, Cosma but as well Deviant Electronics, BPC, HUVA Network !!

Download HERE



Now, if you're looking for more action, sorry, for pure banging crazy psychedelia, just make sure to attend the big event of the end of the year: Old is Gold10 party on December 25th 2010, Antwerpen, Belgium !!!

Just like with number 5, we will do our very best to make a special edition! We will present you the best of the best with 5 Israeli old school live acts... :)

Mystica (YoYo Records - Israel)
One Man Game (Purple Trance Records - Israel)
 First time ever in Belgium! They will play a mix of both projects during a 2.5h live set... Pure euphoric goa trance!

 Sandman (Matsuri Productions - Israel)
Witchcraft (Matsuri Productions - Israel)
Green House Effect (Israel)
Itzik Levi will play a set of all his projects during a 2 hour live set! Expect crazy melodic & acidic goa-trance with a darker twist...

Anoebis (Suntrip Records)
Yani vs Psytoad (Ganjatree)
Go-Wax vs Yo-El (Naturall Productions)


See what I mean with "crazy banging psychedelia" ?


That's for 2010. And we're preparing for 2011 now :)
See you soon !!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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From:Stoffel on Dec 13, 2010
I cant open the flyer

greetings and peace!
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