March 13, 2012 1:53 AM

Boom Festival reminder


Just a small word to remind you that we are Boom Festival ambassadors for this year and we're selling tickets near you! For those who lived under a rock the last dozen years, Boom Festival is one of the biggest psychedelic gatherings worldwide, taking place in Idana-a-Nova in Portugal every other year in August, and featuring the finest psytrance artists!

Pay attention because the pricing will bump from 140€ to 160€ on April 7th, so don't hesitate to benefit from the best prices right now. We're even cheaper than Boom themselves as we don't charge the 5€ tax/fee!!!

Just rush to our shop to purchase your tickets! Other countries of origin are accepted too naturally. In case of questions, please submit them to . We have tickets in parties too (see DJ Anoebis).

Apart from that, many of you have been asking us directions or the best way to go to Boom starting from <any location> and we tried to help you as well as we could. However, there's one thing we cannot help you much with for the moment: the Boom Bus. We know where it stops and its price, but that specific tickets sale is managed by the boom organization, so you have to check with them directly. That said, if we get many requests in the coming week we'll try to fetch some Boom Bus tickets from the organizers. It up to you :)

Last word: don't hesitate to read the Boom Website for all sorts of useful infos or check the video below for a teaser :)


Posted by: Fabien Mars
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