April 15, 2012 1:29 AM

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First, a small reminder that we are Boom Festival ambassadors for this year and we're selling tickets near you! For those who lived under a rock the last dozen years, Boom Festival is one of the biggest psychedelic gatherings worldwide, taking place in Idana-a-Nova in Portugal every other year in August, and featuring the finest psytrance artists! Check the Boom Website for all sorts of useful infos :)

Since April 7th, the presales price is 160€, which is still 20€ less than at the gates. So don't hesitate, all the more as we're cheaper than Boom themselves as we don't charge the 5€ tax/fee!!!

Just rush to our shop to purchase your tickets! Other countries of origin are accepted too naturally. In case of questions, please submit them to boom@sunriprecords.com . We have tickets in parties too (see DJ Anoebis).


Second, the new Crossing Mind album "The Inner Shift" will be released next week. We're very excited about it, and even though we've heard the tracks fro months, we keep listening to them every day.

Oh and wait, there's a release party! The open air Param?tm? (daytime) party on April 21st at Fort 2, Wommelgem, Belgium is for you!
Crossing Mind (Suntrip) video
Khetzal (Suntrip)
Afgin (Suntrip) video
Lost Buddha vs Amithaba Buddha (Phototropic)
Psygasus (GanjaTree)
Trance Dance

DJ sets:
Mantradeli (Cronomi)
Anoebis (Suntrip)
Pavane (Suntrip)
Polyesta (No-Records)


Third, we managed to get a few copies of two excellent oldschool releases: Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy and California Sunshine - Wonderland. The first one is one of the best Psychedelic releases ever, the second one is an odyssey through the wonders of Goatrance! If you don't have them, you can stop blaming yourself: go and get them! Oh and before you regret it, pay attention our stock of RA - To Sirius is getting critically low (7 copies left).


Posted by: Fabien Mars
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