August 22, 2012 1:55 AM

Certificate problems


If you're using a recent browser version and if you're trying to order on our site, maybe you've been struck by an alert saying our SSL certificate was revoked.

Right, but not so harmful. Originally, it's because of a decision from some authorities to reissue with a higher level of security all SSL certificates generated with a given scheme. That scheme is breakable under certain conditions. That said, you're never going to enter your credit card number on the Suntrip site (you might only enter it on at the payment stage) so all an attacker would be able to decrypt (theoretically) is your order contents and customer details.

We've been struggling to get that renewal since June 2011(!). But our original certificate got definitely revoked on June 30th 2012 as certificate vendors had planned, and we got really frustrated it finally had an impact on our customers.

This week we complained hard to our certificates provider and hopefully the problem should be solved by the end of the week.


...Stand by, in less than a week we're going to detail our next releases - yes with samples - yes with dates...


Posted by: Fabien Mars
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