October 11, 2012 12:53 PM

Suntrip server upgrade


We are running out of diskspace on our server and it's also slowing down due to the total number of visits on suntriprecords.com, psynews.org, psysurfeur.com, filteria.com, and other non-music related ones.

We have agreed with the datacenter owner to move to a new faster, bigger, server (hey online.net, thanks this time again).

We are now installing everything and moving the data's and when all is ready in a few days, we shall switch from the old to the new server. The only thing you should notice is an improvement in performance. But, hey, that's computers, so there's always a chance of hiccups :)


Ah and, at last, we're working again seriously on the next version of Suntriprecords.com. First there will be a nice design, bugfixes and an improvement on performance. That's for October. Then we'll focus on adding new functionalities. That's for November.

See you soon!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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