October 17, 2012 5:00 PM

Mindsphere - Patience for Heaven -- available NOW!

Yes it's here! he fatastic, mystic, dreamy, hypnotic, flabbergasting Goa-trance double album of Mindsphere is now available in our shop and online.

If you're looking for a teaser, please check this Mix from Mindsphere on Soundcloud, or the samples on the release page!

Note: As the 2xCD is 107 grams, shipping will be as expensive as for 2 or 3 CDs. So if we may, here's what's still hot from the Suntrip oven:

InnerSpace - InnerSpace

You've discovered Innerspace aka Jörg Schemczyk from Cologne in our Shaltu compilation with a superb hypnotic 11-minute long mind twister. Suntrip now proudly presents his debut album in the same spirit :)

"InnerSpace" has the perfect name, for, it gets you to explore the deepest areas of your soul. With Mental Stream, InnerSpace invites you to mystery land. This track will put your mind and body upside down! Rising, and InnerSpace give space to enlightening horizons with shiny melodies and arm-rising breaks! Deepflight, The Ground and Surface are totally mental, stunning torpedos with acidic touches that will blow you away! Finally, Below and Lost City explore slower tempos to let the listener time to breath and take off.

Limited Edition, 300 copies, still in stock!!

Crossing Mind - The Inner Shift

The mind boggling, spiralling, psychedelic, melodic, second opus from  Crossing Mind starts with a slower deep story-telling track continued by several dance floor devastators. Tracks like Solarnium, Modulated Self Reminders, Magnetic Fields of Life, Elastic Harmonies and No Way Wrong Rmx are a treat for the brain! Earcandy for everyone who loves multi-layered melodic music. Expect melodies, spiced up with acidic sounds and hypnotic background atmospheres. Besides that, every track is a great story teller. When you listen carefully, we promise you a hell of a trip to colourful lands

VA - Shaltu

Like usual with our compilations it features a mix between known names and newcomers. The opener by veteran RA is pure deep, spiritual, Goa-Trance followed by two emotional morning-monsters filled with spirals and melodies by Crossing Mind and Nebula Meltdown!
They are followed by three in-your-face dancefloor tsunamis that will fit perfectly the climax of every wild party!  Filteria’s remix of Shakta’s classic “Lepton Head” is simply stellar, while newcomers InnerSpace & Ephedra vs Imba show us that there is a new generation of crazy musicians! The last part of Shaltu brings us back into deep, warm morning music… Music for epic sunrises! The debut of Shani Yantra, and the floating remix of RA’s Time Current by E-Mantra give us a new definition of “Goa trance with modern production”. The Macedonian Sirius ends this compilation with a very melodic masterpiece!



Is that all for this year ? Yes, but than we're coming back in the shelves on January 2013 with a huge, eagerly expected album!!!

Wait, do you have ants in your shoes? OK you're welcome to the Fractal Gate Indoor Edition party on October 31st, in Antwerp, Belgium, featuring several artists of ours.

And we're also going to rework the site as we said in a previous post.

See you soon and enjoy the music:)

Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 2
From:Tom! on Oct 22, 2012
Ahh come on just reveal it already :P We all know who the Jan 2013 album is :D :D Can't wait!!!

Love both Innerspace & Mindsphere's albums. Great work guys :)
From:Chris on Oct 24, 2012
Tom!Sorry,but I don't know what will be the Jan 2013 album. :(
Can you tell me or write a link,please?
Thanks a lot!
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