October 27, 2012 10:04 AM

Suntrip presents: Fractal Gate Indoor Edition - Oct 31st 2012

Tired of Halloween parties?  OK let's go to space then!

Fractal Gate Indoor Edition - Wednesday, October 31st, Antwerpen, Belgium

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/407757102571747

Room 1: Suntrip Records & Trance Dimensions present: Old is gold room - Old School Goa-trance (+- 1000m²)

- Etnica - Pleiadians Old School set by Maurizio!
Maurizzio Begotti, one of the producers of Etnica/Pleiadians since the early 90's will play a pure old school set, with music from 94 till 98! Expect lots of unique tracks, remixes and for sure... A mindblowing experience!

- Asura (Ultimae Records) - Live - Fr - 1st time in Belgium
Asura will play a downtempo 4/4-beat trancy/ambient set

- Antares vs Daimon (Suntrip Records) - Live - BE
Simon will present his new acid-goa-trance album under his alter ego Daimon

- Draeke (Dat Records)
- Anoebis (Suntrip Records)
- Yani vs Javi (Suntrip Records)
- Inada (Cronomi Records)

Room 2: Full-On presents the Melodramatic Room (+- 500m²)

- Vibe Tribe (Utopia Rec - Com.pact Rec - Mainstage Rec.) - Live - Israel
(Last time Vibe Tribe, one of the most famous full on artists on this planet, performed in Belgium is over 4 years ago! Time to invite this star of melodic full on music again so you can hear what this master made last few years!)

- Vibe Tribe (Utopia - Mainstage Records) Melodrama Era Dj Set - DJ - Israel
(Vibe Tribe classic debut album "Melodrama" was a huge hit back in the days. Stas will perform a special dj set with all his music from this period! A must see for all lovers of melodic euphoric full on!)

- Electric Lord (GanjaTree Recs / Naturall Prods - Be)
- Phasid (Lani - Be)
- Norion (Dacru Records - Be)
- 2CB (Ganjatree Records - Be)
- Hypnosis & Psylosopher

Deco:Flourelysium - GER

Location: Feestzaal Atrium - Bosuil
Oude bosuilbaan 54a
2100 Deurne

Start: 22.00 - 10.00
Entrance Price: 20€ (Pre-Sale) - 25€ @ the door
Pre-sale: www.fractal-gate.be (soon)

Extra's: Cd-shops, clothes shops, food, market place and lots of smiles
No drugs, no animals and no girls/boys of <16!

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