January 8, 2013 1:51 AM

SUNCD27 will be Dimension5 - Trans-Addendum

You've heard about it here and there and it's time to unveil it: our first release of 2013 will be from a group all of you know and propelled many of you to space since the 90's... Dimension 5!!! 

We made a great deal with the guys to release 2 (!) CDs of them... The first cd will be this one: Trans-Addendum... A cd filled with magical tracks of the 90's... Tracks that were still lying around and were never released for an odd reason! Time to show them to the world we thought! It will be released on Feb 8th 2013.
The second cd will be a cd called Trans-Stellar. A cd with all their vinyl and hard to get cd-tracks on one cd! (that's better than paying 70€ for a vinyl with 1 great track you didn't have). Obviously a collector item. We expect this cd to be released just after and it will be done as Innerspace: limited (300 copies), only via the Suntrip shop and parties.
But, back to Trans-Addendum!  The album starts with Altair, a rather dreamy and deep trance track, followed by Zarkon, the original, more acidic remix of a track released on Phantasm Records.
The next 4 tracks are fantastic, typical Dimension 5 dancefloor stormers! A strong kick, a nice groove, lots of acid-sounds, hypnotic melodies and lots of psychedelic effects! The last 2 tracks are more in the “Second Phaze” style… Deeper and more trancy, but great nevertheless!
1. Altair
2. Zarkon
3. Strange Phenomena
4. Return to the Source
5. Caprica
6. Synthonic Switch
7. Alpha Particles
8. Deep Space 5D (Thai Rmx)


Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 2
From:Mdma on Jan 25, 2013
Release postponed?
From:Cannabuzz on Jan 26, 2013
I have been checking the site every 30 min hoping to see it released :p
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