February 1, 2013 12:51 AM

And now comes TransStellar!

Dimension 5's new album TransAddendum will be out in a few days... And even now we are here with more good news and releases! :)

First of all we have another release to announce from... Dimension 5, yes! :) A second album in a very short time, released around the middle of february! What can you expect? All rare vinyl tracks and hard to get-CD tracks remastered and pressed on one CD called TransStellar.
You want to hear the music? Check!
1. Iron Sun Rmx
2. Temple of Chaos 
3. Blue Pyramid
4. Ganymede
5. Phoenix
6. The Zarkon Principle
7. Intastella
8. Tribes of the moon
This will be a limited print, only available via our website!
Other good news... :) We just made ourselves and all the Israeli Goa-freaks happy with the announcement that we made our Suntrip family bigger! :) YMD (Moshe & Dani) are now official Suntrip DJ's as well :) 
And well... Suntrip being an alive label will be clear this summer, on every big festival we have one or more Suntrip acts or DJ giving the best of himself! :) A special announcement is for our German friends from Freqs of Nature! :) They have a veeeery interesting Suntrip and other old school Goa line up! :) Have a look here
Posted by: Fabien Mars
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From:Ymd Goa on Feb 12, 2013
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