May 3, 2013 12:01 PM

New mixes available for download! :)

A new mix for download, specially made because of reaching 3000 "likes" on facebook with my Anoebis page. I am happy to see, after ten years of Suntrip, goa-trance is still alive... And in this mix I wanted to showcase the new generation of goa-trance! I don't like the words old and new school... I just like goa-trance! Who cares if it is 96 or 2013? (thats why I chose the title), I care about good music!

So enjoy this mix with the best of modern goa-trance and thanks for all the support!

1. E-Mantra - Metamorphic Resonance
2. Crossing Mind - Magnetic Fields of Life
3. Space Elves - Goa Trance Mission
4. Antares - The 4th Dimension
5. Radical Distortion - Dark Energy
6. Mindsphere - All Alone
7. Artifact303 - For A Better World
8. Artifact303 - Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra Rmx)
9. Filteria - The Big Blue
10. Ajna - Steps to Heaven
11. Ra - Time Current (Silver Rmx)
12. Nova Fractal - Blindsight
13. Talpa - An Accident in Talpania

Posted by: Anoebis
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