May 25, 2013 8:36 PM

Suntrip bandcamp page, Blacklight moments coming close and new cds! :)

Hello Suntrippers! :)

Right before the summer, we have a lot of extra things to offer, to make sure you can bring the sun(trip music) with you :)

First thing: we have been working hard to have our releases on bandcamp! A first pile of releases (all the Suntrip released from SUNCD1-SUNCD19, except for Filteria and Radical Distortion) are now available on this easy site for download!
All the other releases, and Blacklight Moments, will be available next week! :)
So people, who prefer downloads over cd, please use Bandcamp or this site, as our margins are much bigger on these sites! :)

Second thing: we had the news Blacklight Moments is printed now! This means it will be available at our shop, and all the other online shops within 1 week normally! The moment we have it, we will announce it here of course and put it on sale! :) For samples... You can still use:

And last but not least: we have other cds available again from different labels! :) We have Zion604 releases: "Scandi 90's", "Flight604" and "Brainforest" back in stock! For more goa-trance pleasure, you can always order on our Suntrip shop :)
Also we have the new tickets of Freedom Festival available :)

Thanks for supporting us! :)
Joske (Anoebis) and Fabien (Mars)

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