October 21, 2013 9:15 PM

Ten days from the release of the new Filteria album!

In just ten days you'll have a chance to hold the new, most anticipated Filteria album in your hands and let it blow your ears!

Filteria needs no introduction…The king of climaxes, who destroyed the dancefloors all over the world on festivals such as Boom, Antaris, Ozora or SUN is back with his fourth album, called “Lost In The Wild” on his homelabel Suntrip Records!

This album will show you, more than ever, that there are still things to discover on the Goatrance shores: Once again the master has broken all barriers with “Lost in the Wild” : 8 mindblowing dancefloor stormers with a story… In the beginning more deep and slow with trancending melodies, building towards plain sci-ci acidic madness in the middle and the end of the album! The bonus track is a gift to the people who heard Filteria play "Birds" live :)

Lost in the Wild is a landmark for all !!!!
So, press play, we’re sure the party will take place both in your head and your body!
Posted by: Fabien Mars
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