April 16, 2014 7:01 PM

Announcing "Ten Spins Around The Sun"

There were rumours, announcements on facebook, but now this is the real thing!
In a few weeks we'll be releasing a compilation celebrating Suntrip's 10th birthday, called "Ten Spins Around The Sun"
There is a small chance it will already be available at our big celebration party in Belgium on April 30th, but we can't guarantee it yet...
Let's see the tracklist! As usual there's a mix artists we like to work with and newcomers.
The point was not to get all the artists we worked with over a decade onboard, that was just impossible even on 3 CDs, yet this compilation is dedicated to all of them and to the awesome people who have been supporting us. From the bottom of our hearts, THANKS.
CD1 - Ten Spins Around the Sun
1. E-Mantra - Sumoning Necromancer
2. Sirius - Not From here
3. Cosmic Dimension - Universe of Destruction
4. Celestial Intelligence - The Oncoming Storm
5. Imba & Nova Fractal - Sevilla in Trance
6. Crossing Mind - Goathmic Pulsations
7. Skarma - Thysselian
8. Cymatics - Celestial Sunrise
9. Asura vs Aes Dana - Elie
CD2 - Remixes
1. E-Rection - Out Here We Are Stoned (Imba Remix)
2. Crossing Mind - Cyclone In Your Heart (2014 Remix)
3. Power Source - Skywalker (Filteria Remix)
4. Ra - Gateway Eight (Cosmic Dimension Remix)
5. E-Mantra - Afterglow (Nova Fractal Remix)
6. Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions (E-Mantra Remix)
7. Merr0w - Blue Planet (Adrenalin Run Remix)
8. Khetzal - Djaningar (Filteria Remix)
CD 3 - Ambient side
1. Amos - Ghost World
2. Mindsphere - Defective Cell
3. Hybrid Leisureland - Moment
4. Neurotonal - Earth Frequency
5. Solar Fields - Insum (2014 Remix)
6. Jagoa - Vibe
7. Crossing Mind - Sunlight
8. Jagoa - Finding Some Light
9. Neurotonal - The Enlightenment
10. Hybrid Leisureland - Friction Glow
Posted by: Fabien Mars
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