April 24, 2014 6:27 PM

Special offer for the Connection Festival

The Connection Festival 2014 promoters would like to make a special announcement:

Connectors, as a present for the begining of the festivals season, these next 2 weeks we release a spot offer to make it easy to all the groups of beautiful souls of the Connection to get to the Connection 2014... Just gather 5 connectors and get your tickets for the price of 4!!

Offer only valid from thursday the 24th of april untill thursday the 8th of may.
Conectores, como regalo de comienzo de temporada de festivales, lanzamos estas 2 semanas una oferta puntual para facilitar la entrada al Connection 2014 a los grupos de almas bellas de la conexion... Reuniros 5 conectores y conseguid vuestras entradas al precio de 4!! 
Esta oferta solo es valida de jueves 24 de abril a jueves 8 de mayo.
You can already buy tickets for the Connection Festival 2014 on the Suntrip shop, the address remains the same, hit it before it's too late !!!


Posted by: Fabien Mars
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