May 10, 2018 11:15 PM

Darker, stronger, here is Morphic Resonance's new album: Perplexity!

There it is!

After two years of hard work , Christian aka Morphic Resonance follows up on his debut album "The City Of Moons" with a darker, more industrial, and yet ultra psychedelic second album called "Perplexity".

 In this sequel you will hear more of his magic! Smashing kicks and basslines, acidic melodies, industrial distortion and a high amount of psychedelic effects will bring you into another dimension!

The beautiful artwork was made by Rodolpho Morais from Brasil and mastering is by Tim Schuldt, another master of industrial influenced psychedelic trance!

Oh, and it has very good reviews on Psynews too :)

Seriously? Go get it !
Suntrip Records shop



Regarding the new E-Mantra album we talked about last time, we're progressing: mastering is in progress and we have a mockup to show :)

Extracts are coming very soon !!



And last but not least, let's talk about the Apsara Festival

We are delighted to see all the support we get, and people coming from a hundred countries!!
We have annouced almost every uptempo artist now, and I'm not sure we can pack more awesome artists in just 5 days !

We'll get to the downtempo artists in the coming weeks :)

We did our best to pack our website with all sorts of useful information.

Now I think it's time I invite you to get your ticket on :)
There's also some information page over our phases and their pricings.

As we're deep into the production / schedule / logistics phase, I'm taking the opportunity to call for volunteers ready to help us DURING the event. We know you wanna dance, and won't be asking you to work too much, and there's an incentive too, so why not apply ?


Posted by: Fabien Mars
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From:Baab on May 18, 2018
Will morphic resonance album be available on spotify? :O
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