November 20, 2020 8:00 PM

Today is the day : Beyond !!

Today is the day: genius Mindsphere is back with the third part of his trilogy! And this time he will go "Beyond"! Ali Akgun loves hardware and old school synths, and this can be heard throughout the album! Again he finds the perfect equilibrium between raw, powerful analog old school sounds and sensitive, emotional melodies! Goa-trance lovers, get ready for more pure spacy, dreamy trance-music that will touch your heart and will bring you into other dimensions!

Now available on our bandcamp because this release is also a new start for us. We will shut down our "old school" shop on the site and we moved all to bandcamp!


Hold on, there's more with releases, on CD &... Vinyl!

We are working hard to bring you more and more goa-trance! :) And because Suntrip wants to cover all possible types of psychedelic goa-trance, our next one will be very different from our Mindsphere release! It will be a VA called "Carpe Noctem". As you can imagine with that title, the focus is on darker goa-trance and melodic foresty old schoolish trance! :) Our tracklist is almost ready and will have names like Xenomorph, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Ka-Sol, Proxeeus, Spindrift and Hada! This will be a CD-release.

After that we go for the second Khetzal album on CD, and a reprint of his classic "Corolle" album on vinyl! :) This means, our love for vinyl will result in more releases! :)

Other upcoming cds will be albums of Median Project, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Afgin and of course... Filteria! :) Also, a new melodic compilation will be in the making by then!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 3
From:Cakism on Nov 25, 2020
AWESOME stuff!! The Mindsphere album is beyond crazy and the rest of the news are just what we need right now, thanks for continuing to work hard through this shit year <3
From:Kimol on Dec 3, 2020
Great ! More vinyl please :)
From:Beinch on Feb 10, 2021
mindsphere on vinyl?
Would love to have this added in my vinyl colledtion !
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