October 1, 2021 10:06 PM

Afgin is back : We all want Eternal Freedom !

The new Afgin is out today! If you are looking for warm, positive emotional old styles goa-trance that will beam you immediately to a tropical beach? Search no longer: Elad Afgins second album on Suntrip is exactly what you need!


Lovers of positive, warm euphoric old schoolish goa-trance... Afgin is back!  After a break of 6 years, his long awaited 4th album on Suntrip Records called "Eternal Freedom" is now finally available. Once again this Israeli master of goa-trance takes you on a journey filled with blisfull harmonies, acid 303s, euphoric climaxes and sunny melodies! Each track is a story on its own, showcasing Afgins talent and love for true melodic, Astral Projection-like goa-trance!
This new album was highly influenced by his live performances on countless parties & festivals around the globe, where he was spreading his powerful, positive vibes, sending the crowd into a blissful state of mind! And the future looks good, if you play this music loud enough, you will reach eternal freedom through trance & dance!
Like usual this release is crystal clear mastered by Tim Schuldt.

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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