February 13, 2022 10:28 AM

Tim Schuldt to start the year with "Retrospecter"

Tim Schuldt is one of the big magicians of the early goa-trance scene!
Starting in the mid 90s with pure acid/goa-trance, he slowly evolved to more heavy and stronger industrial influenced trance. A lot of his older acidic music was released under different names and projects, which resulted in this cd.

With Retrospecter we hilighted, and remastered Tim Schuldt's strongest bangers that were unreleased or concealed on vinyls & rare compilations. We have 3 never before released tracks on this album: Aurinko, Northern Light (who was only partly released on the Black Hole compilation) and Is it Still Too Late, that was released as another version on vinyl only.
Of course there is more great old music from Tim Schuldt. The other tracks were re-released as 'single collections' on Suntrip's sublabel 'Classic Goa Trax'.
Mastering was done by Tim Schuldt himself obviously! Get to the release page for the extracts and enjoy the madness!

Posted by: Fabien Mars
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