November 2, 2009 4:40 AM

Get ready for E-Mantra's album !!

5 seems to be the right figure at the moment. 5 years birthday, and 5 releases in 2009.
Five? Yes, let me count: Merr0w, Filteria, Afgin, Radical Distortion....and now E-Mantra :)

E-Mantra, Emmanuel Carpus from Romania, proves that Goa-Trance opens new horizons still in 2009.

This prodigious artist with a unique style, who already appeared on at least 10 compilations, including one last month, gave us the priviledge to release his full length album called "Arcana". Prepare for a concentrate of twisted, acidic, spiraling and psychedelic madness mixed with fantastic melodies!

Arcana a mystery in itself: its music of course, highlighted by the symbolic of each track and the album title itself...on top of it, will be released Friday November 13th!

Arcana is more than just a GoaTrance album; it's an initiatic passage to the fabrics of pychedelic music!

More and 2-minute samples on the album's page.

Posted by: Fabien Mars
Comments: 4
From:Bubuhatsi on Mar 27, 2010
One of the best psychedelic album since yers ,no joke perfect !!
From:Steveke86 on Nov 3, 2009
yes yes
Laat da cd'ke maar gauw komen.
Weer eentje meer ver de collectie.
I can hardly wait.

Dees is egt wel ne goeie cd.
From:Luis on Nov 12, 2009
Superb :) is this gonna be available as a digi download somewhere like Juno?
From:Joost on Nov 18, 2009
Marvellous CD! The postman just dropped it off at home here. :)
Wow, there is not one filler track on the album. All of them are high quality goa. Truly a masterpiece.
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