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So, we are very proud to present this old school release of legendary UX! It is only available via Suntrip at the moment and pretty limited... Make sure to grab your copy, although we hope to see serious distribution for this one in the future soon! :) 

01 - UX - Waking Up To Chaos (Live Remix) / Original track by Slide, 1996
02 - UX - Pure Intellect (Live Remix)
03 - UX - Third Eye (Live Remix II)
04 - UX - Dominion (Digital Frontiers Live Remix)
05 - UX - Millennium Generation (Live Remix)
06 - UX - Crossworld (Gotterdammerung Live Mix) / Original track by Cyberkrist, 1997
07 - UX - Master Of The Universe (Epic Live Mix)
08 - UX - Chrysalis (Judgment Day Live Mix)
09 - UX - Audissey (Excerpt)

Feb 20, 2016
Sorry, not available in any format
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