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GTCCD001 is proud to present “Goa Trance Revolution”!
A new pure goa compilation with a selection of new goa-trance artists (mostly released on Suntrip before) and old schoolers, from the 90s with old unreleased tracks! :)

1. Afgin Goa Ahead
2. Goasia – Sundance
3. Indoor – Bom Shankar
4. Radical Distortion – Asinar
5. S.U.N. Project – Out Of My Brain (Old School Mix)
6. Liquid Flow  –  Subconscious Minds
7. Laughing Skull – The Shine Side
8. Omnivox – Corona
9. Blue Planet Corporation – Alidade (Classical Mix)

Enjoy! :)

Nov 1, 2015
Sorry, orders are disabled at the moment
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