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Melodic & Acidic Goa-trance is more alive than ever before! Last year we received such a high amount of quality tracks that we decided to release a new compilation with the best goa-trance! 

Blacklight Moments is not just another compilation. This is the return of Khetzal, the confirmation of artists such as K.O.B. (aka Filteria)E-MantraMindsphereDaimon and of course, the discovery of new talents such as Cosmic DimensionJavi & Sko0ma,  Psychic VoyagSkarma and Uth!  
The cd starts with two darker and more acidic tracks by KOB (aka filteria) and Daimon (aka Antares). They both set a sinister atmosphere.  Psychic Voyag follows these tracks with a deep and slower stomper which could have ben a part of classic compilations in the mid 90s! The middle part of the compilation is pure powerful melodic “old school” goa-trance, made in 2013 by Cosmic Dimension, Javi & Skooma and of course E-Mantra!
The last part of the compilation is more floating morning goa-trance. You knew Mindsphere was a master in that style already, but keep an eye on Skarma and Uth, because those new names delivered fantastic tracks as well!
This compilation will give all you goa lovers what you want, acidic night music, mighty euphoric goa trance and floating morning stormers! Enjoy and thanks for supporting Suntrip!
May 28, 2013
(click on the player for extracts)
Daimon - Wake Up and Smell the Ashes
68:32140 bpm
K.O.B. - Those Talking Machines
67:31140 bpm
Psychic Voyag - Black Sun
67:23140 bpm
Cosmic Dimension - Viral Breath
66:32146 bpm
KhetzaL - Aramean Dreams
67:46146 bpm
Javi & SkoOma - Emotional Overload
67:57145 bpm
Artifact303 - Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra Remix)
68:05145 bpm
Skarma - Naltayada
67:09145 bpm
Mindsphere - Depth of Consciousness
68:17140 bpm
Uth - Cosmic Fusion
69:20140 bpm
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